Better Than Ordinary Laser Therapy: LightForce®

LightForce® laser therapy lasers lead the way in therapeutic laser science and technology.

Built on scientific evidence, driven by innovation, and validated by outcomes, LightForce® lasers strive to guarantee treatment success!

The applications of Lightforce lasers:

LightForce®-Lasers - Designed-to-Treat-Chronic-Conditions-rehabmodalities

LightForce® Laser therapy is successful in addressing sudden conditions. Speedily managing pain contributes to the healing process and improves results.

LightForce® / Class IV lasers are dedicated to securing the satisfaction of our clients by delivering top-notch customer service, products, and clinical assistance in the field.

LightForce® is utilized for –

  • Offer pain management.
  • Establish the optimal approach for treating elite athletes.
  • Demonstrate the quality assurance process to surpass international standards.
  • Endeavor to address future developments in laser technology.

LightForce® Therapy Lasers are available in 29 countries worldwide. It is widely recognized as the top laser therapy based on scientific evidence.

Treatment plans for LightForce


LightForce® is utilized by numerous college and Olympic sports teams in the United States and various parts of Europe and Asia. Research has shown that laser therapy can speed up recovery after physical activity and decrease muscle soreness. When using LightForce® lasers, treatments are typically brief, lasting between 3-10 minutes depending on the specific condition, including its size, depth, and severity. The high-power laser can administer a significant amount of energy quickly, allowing for rapid achievement of therapeutic dosages. 

When time is limited for both patients and clinicians, it’s crucial to have fast and effective treatments. The number of treatments required depends on the nature of the condition and the patient’s response to the therapy. Typically, laser therapy plans involve 6-12 sessions, with more treatments necessary for chronic conditions. Your doctor will create an individualized treatment plan based on your condition. Most clinicians recommend 2-3 treatments per week when starting the therapy.

LightForce® lasers are…

Tailored—We Consider individual patient factors to provide the most suitable treatments. Customize your treatments based on the specific condition, skin type, body type, and severity.

Uniform – Providing consistently effective treatment every time. Easily save and replicate treatments with assurance.

Direct – Treating uniquely with patented technology for direct application.



  • Function 

The LightForce® 25W XPi offers tailored treatments and reliable outcomes. The LightForce® bright handpiece provides on-screen suggestions to enhance dosing precision and empower technicians to treat confidently.

  • Knowledge 

Our latest Empower IQ™ Delivery System offers on-screen and in-hand suggestions to enhance the precision of treatments.

  • Impact Technology

The technology utilizes software and hardware progress to improve treatment uses.


Patients often report improved sensations, such as therapeutic warmth and some pain relief immediately after treatment. To observe significant changes in symptoms and condition, patients should undergo a series of treatments as the benefits of laser therapy accumulate from one session to the next.

Explore the scientific basis of this groundbreaking therapy. We guide you on effectively incorporating laser therapy into your practice and offer in-person options for introducing it in your office.

LightForce® Medical is driving progress in the research industry through science and technology.

Connect with us now at https://rehabmodalities.com/ to learn more about our treatment options.

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June 5, 2023

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