HAL® Lumbar Type

HAL® Lumbar Type strengthen the lumbar muscles and could be used in two different ways. It can be used to support the wearer in the training of the body core and standing or it can be used as a support when lifting heavy loads.

Reduces The Stress Applied on Back

The device performs significant reduction of the stress applied on the lumbar part through scientific analysis, upon burdening care tasks. Utilization of HAL® is anticipated to improve the work environment and prevent work related injuries in work places like hospitals and care facilities.

Easy to Use & Safe to Operate

There is only two buttons to set the assistance level, making HAL® easy to use for everyone. It will not provide assistance far beyond the users own capabilities, so the device is also safe to use.

Light & Compact Design to Be Use in Any Situations

As the device is battery-driven, it can be used in various places without restrictions on location of use. Replaceable battery and light weight of the HAL® allows the wearer to work for longer hours.