Vibramoov offers healthcare professionals
a unique opportunity to preserve & enhance sensory-motor
functions of patients suffering from motor

Breakthrough innovation

  • Techno Concept is a leader in the design and development
    of innovative solutions for health professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Their vision is to create innovative and versatile solutions to promote patient recovery.
  • Techno Concept’s work is guided by a unique relationship and teamwork with patients, clinicians, researchers, and our partners.


Throughout our contact with health care professionals and institutions,
we gathered valuable testimonials and endorsements

I really believe that vibration, muscle vibration, has an important future in neurorehabilitation in general. For these 2 reasons. the effects that we assume on the muscle, and the effect that we imagine and also demonstrated by certain other teams, at the level of the brain.

Jean – Michel Gracis
Head of Neurolomotor rehabilation

We use Vibramoov for traumatological pathologies during the period of immobilization, at the end of the immobilization or even during the last phases of the rehabilitation protocol on the recovery of the last amplitudes of proprioception at the level of the different joints.

Rozario Baladron

  Clinical Benefits

  • Preserve sensory-motor interaction
  • Stimulate neuroplasticity
  • Prevent side effects of immobility
  • Enhance coordination
  • Promote motor recovery
  • Allow locomotor training
  • Regulate muscular activity


Official Certifications

Life Science Robotics ApS is ISO 13485 certified, while ROBERT® is approved as a Class IIa medical
device in compliance with the medical device directive (93/42/EEC) and is FDA registered.

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