How It All Started…

Cyberdyne MESASEA was established from the relentless initiatives between Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and Cyberdyne Inc, Japan in promoting the Cybernics treatment with the advanced robotics technology known as the HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limb) within the Middle East – South Asia – South East Asia (MESASEA) regions.

The journey begins in November 2018 with the establishment of the Neuro-Robotics Rehabilitation & Cybernics Centre, located at the SOCSO Tun Razak Rehabilitation Centre in Melaka, Malaysia in collaboration with Cyberdyne Inc., Japan. This milestone has placed Malaysia the fourth country in the world and the first in the ASEAN region to offer Cyberdyne HAL® treatment to patients with neurological conditions to regain their ability to walk and mobility functions.

Cyberdyne MESASEA is also the authorized distributor for the Cyberdyne HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) products within the MESASEA region and serves as the regional professional training hub for the Cyberdyne HAL® treatment. We are the largest facility in the world outside Japan that offers the complete range of Cyberdyne HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) includes Lower Limb, Single Joint, Lumbar, and Lumbar for Labor Support.