The World’s First Wearable CyborgTM – Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne HAL [Hybrid Assistive Limb] is the world‘s first technology that improves, supports, enhances, and regenerates the wearer’s physical functions according to the wearer’s intentions. Because of this feature, it is also called “Wearable Cyborg™”.

When a person tries to move, the brain signals the muscle to command the movement. At that time, a very faint signal that reflects the wearer’s intention to move appears on the skin’s surface. Using its sensors attached to the skin’s surface, Cyberdyne HAL detects these so-called “bio-electrical signals” to perform the desired movements with the wearer’s voluntary commands.

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When a person tries to move their body, nerve signals are transmitted from the brain to the muscles via motor neurons, causing the musculoskeletal system, including joints, to move. Just before the body movement, faint “bio-electrical signals” that reflect a person’s intention leak out to the skin surface. Cyberdyne HAL can read this signal and control the power unit to assist joint movement in unison with the person. By using Cyberdyne HAL, which utilizes the bio-electrical signal that reflects the wearers’ intended motion, interactive biofeedback is promoted in and outside of the body between HAL, brain, nervous system, and muscular system. Cyberdyne Treatment is based on this iBF theory (interactive bio-feedback theory). The effect of this treatment method to promote functions of the lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk is being reported through clinical application. In other words, the key to promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system via the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but more so on the return of feedback from the sensation of actual movement to the human brain. The functional improvement/regeneration technology using Cyberdyne HAL based on this iBF Theory is an innovative treatment technology that enables improvement/regeneration of human brain-nerve-musculoskeletal functions by activating the body’s self-healing ability that humans are naturally in possession of.

cyberdyne-cyberdyne-in -india-rehabmodalities-cyborg-cybernetics-hal-cyberdyne-hal-techonology

Cyberdyne Testimonials

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Fong was in a car accident 2 years ago that left him with spinal cord injury tetraplegic level C6 and C7. Being injured at his T6 and T7 vertebrae caused Fong to become paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Being disabled has brought many day-to-day struggles to Fong and his family.

After 4 months of Cyberdyne Lumbar treatment, Fong is able to sit and stand all by his own now. This treatment not only help Fong to become more independent, but also improve his lung’s function.

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Diana Hong

Diana Hong who had a stroke in year 2019 has caused her to have difficulty in living her daily life. She experienced extreme weaknesses on her left arm which has affected her to live a normal life. After she have undergone the Cyberdyne treatment, it helps her to made significant gains and become more independent in daily life.

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On 2013, Rody was caught into a car accident which resulted him to have spinal cord injury level C6 and C7. This injury caused him to have difficulty in standing and walking. However, things changed when he admitted to Pusat Rehabilitasi PERKESO in year 2019 and started to receive Cyberdyne Lower Limb treatment. After 6 months of Cyberdyne treatment, now he can stand and walk again using the walker. What’s more exciting is that Rody is now back to work!

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