Healthcare using Laser Therapy with LightForce® Lasers

LightForce® Therapy Lasers works towards moving the industry forward through laser science and technology. Our commitment to research and evidence-based treatment solutions defines the direction of our treatment solutions.

Uses of LightForce® Lasers:

  • Lightforce is used to provide pain relief.
  • The lasers are the preferred modality when treating world-class athletes.
  • Lightforce follows a proven quality control process to meet and exceed international standards. We strive to meet the need for future advancements in laser technology.
  • Lightforce Therapy Lasers can be found in 29 countries across the world.
  • Based on scientific evidence, Lightforce is the true leader in laser therapy.

Laser Therapy Treatment:

Lightforce-healthcare-laser therapy-recovery-pain relief-rehab modalities

Laser therapy has been shown to be effective to help treat acute conditions. Bringing pain under control quickly helps the healing process and usually helps promote better outcomes.

With chronic conditions, research has shown that therapy lasers can be used to help combat persistent pain and promote circulation to damaged tissues. It can be a powerful, non-pharmaceutical solution to help reduce pain without the side effects of medication.

LightForce® lasers can be found on the sidelines of many pro, college, and Olympic sports teams across the United States and many parts of Europe and Asia. Laser therapy has been shown to be effective at improving post-activity recovery times and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

LightForce® therapy lasers adhere to strict ISO standards in order to provide you with a safe, non-invasive treatment option and effective alternative to drugs and surgery4.

Recovery using Lightforce:

With LightForce® lasers, treatments are quick, usually, 3-10 minutes depending on the size, depth, and acuteness of the condition being treated. High-power lasers are able to deliver a lot of energy in a small amount of time, allowing therapeutic dosages to be achieved quickly. For patients and clinicians with packed schedules, fast and effective treatments to pain relief.

Lightforce-healthcare-laser therapy-recovery-pain relief-rehab modalities

The nature of the condition and the patient’s response to the treatments will play a key role in determining how many treatments will be needed. Most laser therapy plans of care will involve 6-12 treatments, with more treatment needed for long-standing, chronic conditions. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan that is optimal for your condition. Most clinicians will encourage their patients to receive 2-3 treatments per week as the therapy is initiated.

There is well-documented support that the benefits of laser therapy are cumulative, suggesting that plans for incorporating laser as part of a patient’s plan of care should involve early, frequent treatments that may be administered less frequently as the symptoms resolve.Rehabalation using Laser Therapy with LightForce® Lasers to improve Healthcare. Enhancing Skin Health To treat skin issues including acne, scars, or aging signs, discuss laser therapy choices with a dermatologist or skincare professional.

LightForce® therapy lasers work by flooding the tissue with photons, which energizes cells resulting in increased circulation to the injured area and ultimately pain reduction, in a process called photobiomodulation.

Patients often report improved sensation, including a therapeutic warmth and some analgesia immediately after the treatment. For noticeable changes in symptoms and condition, patients should undergo a series of treatments as the benefits of laser therapy from one treatment to the next are cumulative.

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September 5, 2022

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