Reinitiate the Movement with VIBRAMOOV

One of the main challenges of Neurorehabilitation is to reconstruct the coordinated transmission between the motor system and related neurosensory information.

Application of Vibramoov

Vibramoov uses Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation to the tendon of the muscle and activates the near-muscular spindles which induces a sense of movement. This corresponds to a lengthening of the vibrated muscle, enhancing the range of motion perceived by the patient.

Reinitiate-the- Movement-with VIBRAMOOV-rehabmodalities

There are two treatment modes to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions…

Motor activities triggered via proprioceptive inputs: VERY EARLY & INTENSIVE NEUROREHABILITATION

These induce sensations of movement and can provoke motor responses corresponding to the movements felt by the patient. FPS (Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation) facilitates movement, keeps sensorimotor interactions alive, and stimulates neuroplasticity.

  • Functional Proprioceptive Stimulations mechanically stimulate the muscle spindles.
  • FPS mechanically stimulates the muscle spindles, mimicking the sensory signals – Ia fibers
  • This neurosensory trick activates related sensory-motor areas
  • Allows patients to feel natural movements. Because sensory & motor systems are interdependent, the CNS then reacts by initiating corresponding movements

Patient participation increases, session after session, following the below steps…

  • Induces sensation of movement.
  • Generates motor responses initiating the movement felt
  • Active participation of the patient.

Regulating Muscle Tone with Focal Vibration:

Focal vibrations are applied to the middle of the muscle. The aim is to preserve muscle structure & promote the regulation of muscle activity. The simulations are applied to induce repetitive muscle contractions or stretches.


-Contend the deleterious effects of hypo mobilization

-Preserve muscular architecture

-Regulate muscle activity between agonist & antagonist

Possible synchronous treatments of patients with similar conditions allow a larger number of daily applications.

Clinical Applications: As early & frequently as possible once medical stability is reached. Helps patients suffering with…

  • Brain injury, Polytrauma, Coma,
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Parkinson’s disease and
  • Stroke

Benefits of Vibramoov

Reinitiate-the- Movement-with VIBRAMOOV-rehabmodalities

Vibramoov prevents the functional decline of the sensorimotor system. It reduces muscle tone and reduces spasms. Vibramoov effectively induces nerve plasticity and is easy to operate. There is visual biofeedback as well.

There is a wide range of applications, covering the entire rehabilitation process. Vibramoov patients can very well train by themselves.

Rehabilitation with Vibramoov:

Promote neuroplasticity through the application of an early, intense treatment that makes sense to the patient.

The comments and impressions of the patients are unanimous! All experience a very pleasant feeling of relaxation, of fluidity in the movements. This creates immediate relief and improved proprioception.

The variety of programs integrated into the Vibramoov interface, the progressiveness of exercises, and the use of patient positioning accessories allow clinicians to optimize treatment and maximize functional gains for patients.

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September 12, 2023

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