Robotics for a Better Life Rehabilitation

ROBERT® is a Rehabilitation Robot, designed to attend the early mobilization of patients who are confined to their beds. ROBERT® is an extremely innovative and ground-breaking robot focusing on efficient rehabilitation and early mobilization of patients. The robot offers active resistive and assistive mobilization and provides patients and healthcare professionals with better conditions for rehabilitation. In addition, the patient can be mobilized more frequently, regardless of whether a therapist is available or not.


Robotics for a Better Life :

  • Enhance early mobilization and improve the effectiveness of treatment
  • Prevent soft tissue contracture and pressure sores
  • Minimize risk of blood clots and pneumonia
  • Reduce muscular atrophy and neuropathic effects

Offers resistance against the patient’s rehabilitation movement

The resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed by a healthcare professional.

Guides the patient through the exercise

Robotics for a Better Life Rehabilitation-Rehab Modalities

The patient’s function and strength determine the level of activity during the exercise. The patient cooperates with ROBERT®®’s movements or relaxes in case of fatigue.

Supports the rehabilitation of immobilized patients

Very early mobilization of severely affected patients is facilitated. Patients with reduced or inexistent levels of function can engage in early rehabilitation.

Robotics Treatment Process:

Robotics Treatment Process with ROBERT®, we are improving efficiency in the healthcare system”. Patients receive sufficient, personalized training, with the help of professionally trained nurses. Studies have shown that physiotherapy is efficiently treating acute pain while preventing chronic pain.

Robert for Patient’s rehabilitation

It is important to initiate rehabilitation as early as day one of the patient’s hospitalization even though the patient may be weak and incapable of getting out of bed on their own. The practical design of the ROBERT® helps easy movement from one room to another. So the patient can remain in bed and focus on the therapy.

The therapy starts with the ROBERT® performing a safety test The brace is attached to the patient’s lower leg and the ROBERT® is rolled up to the bedside, positioned to the patient’s legs.

Now ROBERT® is ready to perform the therapy. The patient receives optimal quality training. This would have improved the patient’s physical training by the time they leave the intensive care unit. Once ROBERT® has been instructed by the healthcare professionals to carry out a training exercise, it carries out the heavy and repeated lifting during rehabilitation and thus improves the working environment for the physiotherapist to help the patient.

Therefore, early mobilization is decisive for the patient’s development. Very early mobilization contributes to enhanced blood flow and will reduce the risk of

-stiff joints

-the risk of a blood clot

-further muscular reduction and

-risk of pneumonia

In order to improve the patient’s functional ability and recovery, rehabilitation is essential. Through individualized treatments, ROBERT® makes it possible to start the process at a very early stage, which can intensify the rehabilitation

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September 5, 2022

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