The Potential of Vibramoov: Transforming Neurorehabilitation

In the realm of neurorehabilitation, strides in technology continually reshape treatment landscapes, offering hope and progress to patients recovering from strokes. Among these innovations stands Vibramoov, a groundbreaking solution redefining the boundaries of functional recovery for individuals with upper and lower limb impairments post-stroke.

Harnessing the power of Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation (FPS), Vibramoov orchestrates a symphony of sensory experiences to ignite the pathways of neurorehabilitation. FPS, a cornerstone of locomotor system rehabilitation, imparts a sense of movement aligned with muscle extension, mimicking natural proprioceptive cues. Through Vibramoov, this sensation is not merely replicated but amplified, ushering patients into a realm of virtual motion where the mind and body engage in a dance of recovery.

The journey with Vibramoov unfolds in stages, each session marked by increased patient engagement and progress. From reactivating dormant muscles to alleviating pain and regulating muscular activity, Vibramoov’s multifaceted approach caters to diverse therapeutic needs. Modeled into four distinct treatment modes, Vibramoov offers clinicians and patients alike a roadmap toward holistic recovery:


Reactivating Movement with Vibramoov:

Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation (FPS) targets key musculo-tendinous junctions, awakening muscle spindles with precision. This neurosensory trickery breathes life into dormant pathways, coaxing the central nervous system to orchestrate movements once thought impossible.

Pain Reduction:

Antalgy, where focal stimulations offer respite to patients battling pain. By stimulating skin mechanoreceptors and invoking the gate control effect, Vibramoov becomes a beacon of relief amidst the storm of discomfort.

Regulating Muscular Activity:

Spasticity tackles the notorious foe of spasticity head-on. Antagonist muscles find harmony through targeted stimulations, paving the way for smoother, more controlled movements. For those grappling with significant spasticity, Mode 3 lays the groundwork for mobility, preparing the canvas for subsequent layers of recovery.

Muscle Strength Recovery:

Tonicity, where the journey towards strength and resilience begins. Here, patients embark on a transformative voyage, witnessing the resurgence of muscle tone, the rebuilding of lost mass, and the restoration of motor function. Propelled by proprioceptive engagement, this mode is a testament to the body’s remarkable capacity for renewal.

Vibramoov offers 4 treatment modes:


MODE 1 – Mobility

Functional Proprioceptive Stimulations (FPS) are applied to the musculo-tendinous junction. FPS mechanically stimulate the neuromuscular spindles by imitating the sensory signals of natural movements. This neurosensory stimulation activates specific sensorimotor areas and allows patients to feel natural movements. As the sensory and motor systems are interdependent, the CNS responds by initiating a motor response corresponding to the perceived sensation.

Conditions Treated: Neurological damage, Fracture & sprain, CRPS, Adhesive capsulitis, Balance disorder, Ankylosis

MODE 2 – Analgesia

These focal stimulations are used for the treatment of pain through stimulation of skin mechanoreceptors and gate control effect.

Condition Treated: Adhesive capsulitis, Tendonitis, Neuralgia, Back pain and sciatica, Phantom pain, Neurological damage

MODE 3 – Spasticity

The stimulations are applied to the middle of the muscle antagonistic to the one that is spastic. They induce increased activity in the stimulated muscle and reciprocal inhibition of the antagonistic/spastic muscle. For patients with significant spasticity, mode 3 should be applied over several sessions before applying mode 1 “mobility”.

Condition Treated: Spinal cord injury, Cerebral lesion – brain-damage, Stroke, BMI

MODE 4 – Tone

The targeted actions of mode 4 allow patients to:

  •  Increase muscle tone
  • Recover muscle mass
  • Strengthen motor function
  • Perform important proprioceptive work

The optimal effects of these stimulations are achieved when patients obtain isometric contractions of the muscles stimulated in synchrony with the stimulations.

Condition Treated: Neurological Damage, Sprain and Fracture, Balance Disorder, Muscular Weakness

The impact of Vibramoov extends beyond the confines of rehabilitation centers, permeating lives with newfound possibilities. As a catalyst for neuroplasticity, Vibramoov’s early and intensive interventions breathe life into stagnant narratives, infusing each movement with purpose and meaning.

Embark on your rehabilitation journey with Vibramoov, a beacon of hope in neurorehabilitation. For a personalized roadmap to recovery, visit or contact us at Together, let’s unlock Vibramoov’s boundless potential and rewrite the story of stroke recovery, one movement at a time.

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April 21, 2023

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