VIBRAMOOV: Sensory Stimulation for Brain Injury Patients

Early & Intensive Neurorehabilitation through Vibramoov’s Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation [FPS]

FPS induces sensations of movement and can provoke motor responses corresponding to the movements felt by the patient. FPS facilitates movement, keeps sensorimotor interactions alive, and stimulates neuroplasticity.

Clinical applications of Vibramoov:

  • Polytrauma
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Sclerosis
  • Coma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Parkinson’s disease and
  • Stroke Brain injury

Clinical Benefits of Vibramoov:

VIBRAMOOV:-Sensory- Stimulation-for-Brain Injury-Patients-rehabmodalities

  • Preserve sensory-motor interaction
  • Stimulate neuroplasticity
  • Prevent side effects of immobility
  • Enhance coordination
  • Promote motor recovery
  • Allow locomotor training
  • Regulate muscular activity

Vibramoov technologies offer healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to preserve & enhance the sensory-motor functions of patients suffering from motor impairments.

Mode 1 – Neuroplasticity Booster

For Bedridden, ICU Verticalised patients…

  • Very early stimulations without transfer
  • Promote neuroplasticity & activity from the acute phase
  • Prevent sensorimotor deprivation related to immobility


Patients who can be verticalised…

  • Reinitiate movement with some gravity
  • Trigger air stepping & walking

Balance Training:

Patients, barely able to stand…

  • Regain balance & prevent falls
  • Enhance coordination of lower & upper part of the body

Mode 2 – Regulation of Muscle Tone

  • Prevention of muscular hyperactivity
  • Moderate muscular hyperactivity
  • High muscular hyperactivity

Vibramoov Rehabilitation Continuum

VIBRAMOOV:-Sensory- Stimulation-for-Brain Injury-Patients-rehabmodalities

A unique versatile solution that guides the patients throughout the long journey of rehabilitation.

During each phase of rehabilitation: acute, subacute, or chronic, health professionals can select & combine a set of therapeutic solutions to maximize the protocols’ intensity & diversity & accelerate the recovery of patients.

In practice:

The FPS keeps the sensorimotor interactions alive from day one post-trauma. Starting rehabilitation earlier is one of the key factors in patients’ recovery and the regain of autonomy.

Vibramoov uses Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation to the tendon of the muscle and activates the near-muscular spindles which induces a sense of movement.


I had a patient who had spasticity in the upper limb, the biceps, and the triceps. In one or two uses of the Vibramoov, we saw very quickly that the vibrations allowed a faster release and greater relaxation.


Vibramoov technology promotes spontaneous recovery before it falls off as a function of time from any type of trauma. Vibramoov treatment is one of a kind that guides patients throughout their journey of rehabilitation. Active participation of the patient gradually increases session after session.

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September 22, 2023

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