A Neurosensory trick with VIBRAMOOV’S Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation

Early and intensive Neurorehabilitation happens through Vibramoov’s – Functional Proprioceptive stimulation’

Vibramoov aims to preserve muscle structure & promote the regulation of the muscle activity between agonist & antagonist. 

This device is a unique treatment technique that uses functional proprioceptive stimulation (FPS) as a means to help patients promote the neuromuscular system. 

How does Vibramoov work?

Vibramoov …

  • Uses Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation to the tendon of the muscle.
  • Activates the near-muscular spindles which induces a sense of movement.
  • Stimulations combined with the passive movement of the ‘Continuous Passive Mobilisation’[CPM] improve the range of motion due to its neurosensory, perceptual, and motor components.
  • Technology offers healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to preserve and enhance the sensory-motor functions of patients suffering from motor impairments.
  • The loop, which induces autonomous and functional exercise and continuous training, enables the patient to maintain this interactive transmission of neuromuscular information throughout the rehabilitation process.

Vibramoov’s Proprioceptive model is-

  • Directly inspired by human neurosensory recordings and
  • Able to generate FPS stimuli that could give the sensation of any movement

Vibramoov’s empowering therapy outcome and pain relief –

FPS can accelerate and enhance joint mobility recovery and reduce the duration of treatment while improving patient comfort.

  • Using piloted and controlled frequencies, FPS is perceived as a pleasant and comfortable treatment
  • It is coupled with powerful and long-lasting analgesic effects promoting the therapeutic action
  • The addition of FPS to passive mobilization considerably enhances the sensation of a smooth movement and facilitates the associated antagonistic motor activation (motor response), making the treatment more effective.

Speeding up the rehabilitation process –

Active patient participation increases, session after session, following successive treatment steps. One of the main challenges of Neurorehabilitation is to reconstruct the coordinated transmission between the motor system and related neurosensory information. 

As a true recovery accelerator, Vibramoov is an effective and innovative therapeutic solution used in functional rehabilitation. The pathological or surgical reduction in joint mobility partially or disrupts the Central Nervous System from proprioceptive movement information and deeply reduces at the cortical level both the representation of movement and the central structures responsible for its voluntary control.

The early activation of this proprioceptive afforestation induced by FPS aims to maximise the activity of sensorimotor loops, strengthen proprioception, and recover smooth and pain-free movement.

Vibramoov –  the system for sensorimotor rehabilitation through Proprioceptive Functional Stimulation.

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September 13, 2023

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