VIBRAMOOV: Restoring Independence & Patient Strength

Vibramoov is a unique treatment technique that uses functional proprioceptive stimulation (FPS) as a means to help patients promote the neuromuscular system.

Key success factors of the Vibramoov technology…Promote neuroplasticity through the application of an early, intense treatment that makes sense to the patient.

FPS induces a sensation of movement in the direction that would have lengthened the stimulated muscle…

Factors with Vibramoov Treatment

Independence-& Patient-Strength-rehabmodalities

Mode 1:

Neuroplasticity Booster-

Neuro-rehabilitation solution via FPS Lower and upper limbs…

Lower Limb:

Gait with parallel bars-

Patients who can stand with assistance…

  • Realize daily motion via FPS triggering
  • Reinitiate the first steps

Walk with a Treadmill-

Patients can stand & initiate small steps…

  • Strengthen patient’s capacity & speed up recovery
  • Enhance the quality of gait

Overground gait-

Patients in need to increase their gait quality…

  • Limit co-contraction & correct compensation
  • Allow to walk longer & more smoothly

FPS Upper Limb:

Seated with arm support-

Patients with limitations to raise their arm…

  • Feel & initiate simple movements (amplitude recovery)
  • Trigger complex movements

Seated without arm support-

Patients who can raise their arm…

  • Increase the amplitude of movements & coordination
  • Decrease compensatory moves

Standing with arm support-

Patients who can raise their arm & stand…

  • Increase coordination during handling & interaction with objects
  • Strengthen patients’ capacity & regain independency

Mode 2-

Regulation of Muscle Tone-

Independence-& Patient-Strength-rehabmodalities

Prevention of muscular hyperactivity…

Focal vibrations are applied in early phases on muscles that will generally become hypertonic to prevent muscular retraction, reduce the potential accumulation of connective tissue & maintain the balance of muscle spindle activities between muscle chains.

Moderate muscular hyperactivity…

Daily repetitions of alternated contractions & stretches on agonist & antagonist muscles to contend with the deleterious effects of hypo-mobilizations occurring from the acute phase & promote vibramoov activity to preserve muscle architecture.

High muscular hyperactivity…

Application adapted for patients that cannot receive stimulations on hypertonic muscles. Intend to induce the increased activity of the muscles stimulated & a reciprocal inhibition of the hypertonic one.

Rehabilitation by VIBRAMOOV

FPS application in the rehabilitation continuum…

Neurorehabilitation of the locomotor system happens through Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation…providing…

  • Balance
  • limbs mobility, and
  • knee mobility

Gait rehabilitation system-

During each phase of rehabilitation: acute, subacute, or chronic, health professionals can select & combine therapeutic solutions to maximize the protocols’ intensity & diversity & accelerate the recovery of patients.

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September 14, 2023

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