Cyberdyne’s Robotic Technology in India for speedy patient recovery

Cyberdyne has introduced a new robotic technology in India that utilizes robotics to perform operations. The technology involves using a Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) to assist patients. The technology is based on the innovative concept of IoH/IoT technology.

Cyberdyne’s Robotic Technology’ s Cybernics Treatment uses HAL to improve the function of the user. The treatment targets such as stroke, neuromuscular diseases and spinal cord injury.

So, let’s check out the treatment features

How does HAL from Cyberdyne help?

HAL controls the power unit. HAL responds to the movements it detects for assisting the wearer to move according to their intentions or to apply more force than they usually would. HAL has several control systems that can be utilized in combination based on the wearer’s circumstances.

Treatment process of HAL

HAL is a system designed to improve physical mobility by monitoring the user’s center of gravity and inferring their intended body movements. The system uses sensors attached to the skin to detect bio-potential signals generated by the brain immediately after the user attempts muscle movement. These signals are then used to control motors and assist the user in moving more easily.

A pattern that HAL follows

  • Thinking

When there is a slight movement in the body, the brain generates command signals and transmits them through the nerves to the muscles.

  • Sending the signals

The muscles receive these command signals. Each muscle contracts to create that potential when it receives the appropriate command signal sent from the brain through the nerves.

  • Understanding

Signals sent to the muscle by the brain flow onto the skin surface as bioelectric signals.

  • Movement

HAL controls power units based on bio-electrical signals to allow wearers to perform desired movements.

  • Response

Feedback is transmitted to the brain when HAL is about to complete the intended movement.

Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation facilities rely on Cyberdyne technology to make daily progress in rehabilitation. With the help of HAL, you can achieve the impossible by gaining great physical strength and endurance.

Discover real stories from real people about how Cyberdyne technology changed their lives forever.

Below is a testimonial from our patient, Sara: “At first, I was extremely frustrated and didn’t think the treatment would work. I almost gave up. But then I decided to stay positive and give it a try. I told myself, ‘It’s going to be great, I’ll be able to walk again!'”

Start your walk again hope here. 

With more than 10,000 patients across the globe, Cyberdyne’s Robotic Technology in India is available in selected centers only. Please write to me, Ms. Asha, Author or contact BNC, and I can introduce you to the Cyberdyne used best neuro-rehabilitation centers as per your budget, need, and convenience.

Written by Neomindz

March 19, 2024

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