LightForce® Laser therapy– Smarter Than Your Average Laser

LightForce® laser therapy lasers are the leaders in therapeutic laser science and technology.

Grounded in scientific evidence, forged through innovation, and proven by results, LightForce® lasers work to ensure the success of treatment!

Uses of Lightforce Lasers:

LightForce®-Laser therapy– Smarter Than-Your-Average Laser-rehabmodalities

LightForce® Laser therapy is effective in treating acute conditions. Bringing pain under control quickly helps the healing process and usually helps promote better outcomes.

LightForce® / Class IV lasers work to ensure the success of our customers by providing the best customer, product, and clinical support in the industry.

LightForce® is used to –

  • provide pain relief.
  • develop preferred modality when treating world-class athletes.
  • to prove the quality control process to meet and exceed international standards.
  • strive, to meet the need for future advancements in laser technology. 

LightForce® Therapy Lasers can be found in 29 countries across the world. Based on scientific evidence, it is the true leader in laser therapy.

LightForce Treatment Plans

LightForce®-Laser therapy– Smarter Than-Your-Average Laser-rehabmodalities

LightForce® can be found on the sidelines of many colleges, and Olympic sports teams across the United States and many parts of Europe and Asia. Laser therapy has been shown to improve post-activity recovery times and reduce the onset of muscle soreness. With LightForce® lasers, treatments are quick, usually, 3-10 minutes depending on the size, depth, and acuteness of the condition being treated.

The high-power laser can deliver a lot of energy in a small amount of time, allowing therapeutic dosages to be achieved quickly. For patients and clinicians with packed schedules, fast and effective treatments are a must.

The nature of the condition and the patient’s response to the treatments plays a key role in determining how many treatments will be needed. Most laser therapy plans of care will involve 6-12 treatments, with more treatment needed for long-standing, chronic conditions.

The doctor will develop a treatment plan that is optimal for your condition. Most clinicians will encourage their patients to receive 2-3 treatments per week as the therapy is initiated. 

LightForce® lasers are…

Customised –Take into account patient-specific considerations to deliver the most appropriate treatments. Customise your treatments based on condition, skin type, body type, and acuity.

Consistent – Deliver the same effective treatment every time. Easily save and repeat treatments with confidence.

On-Contact -Treat like no other therapy laser can with patented contact-application technology. 

LightForce®-Laser therapy– Smarter Than-Your-Average Laser-rehabmodalities


  • Performance

The LightForce® 25W XPi provides customized treatments and consistent results. The LightForce® intelligent hand piece on-screen recommendations increase dosing accuracy and help technicians treat with confidence.

  • Intelligence

Our NEW Empower IQ™ Delivery System provides on-screen and in-hand recommendations to increase the accuracy of treatments.

  • Influence Technology

Influence® Technology harnesses software and hardware advancements to enhance treatment applications.


Patients successfully report improved sensation, including a therapeutic warmth and some analgesia immediately after the treatment. For noticeable changes in symptoms and condition, patients should undergo a series of treatments as the benefits of laser therapy from one treatment to the next are cumulative.

Research the science behind this revolutionary treatment. We offer recommendations on how to make laser therapy successful in your practice and offer in-person options for launching laser therapy in your office.

LightForce® medical/ is taking the research industry ahead in science and technology.

Connect with us today at  for more on the treatment plans.

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November 5, 2022

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