New Improvements in Neuro rehab with Robotic Technology Assisted Training

The most important advantage of using ‘Robotic Technology in Rehabilitation Intervention is the ability to deliver high-dosage and high-intensity training. This property makes Robotic Therapy a promising novel technology for the rehabilitation of patients with motor disorders caused by stroke and spinal cord diseases

Robotic Rehab is also widely used in the context of neurological disorders, where it is often provided in a variety of different fashions, depending on the specific function to be restored. 

Indeed, the effect of robot-aided Neurorehabilitation can be maximised when used in combination with a proper training regimen or with non-invasive brain-machine interfaces.

Neuro rehabilitation with Robotic assisted Therapy:

New-Improvements-in Neuro-rehab-with- Robotic-Technology- Assisted -raining-Rehabmodalities

Neurorehabilitation has witnessed the growing use and efficacy of innovative technology in patients with different neurological disorders, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases. 

The use of robots, virtual reality, innovative assistive devices, telerehabilitation, and artificial intelligence has proven effective in improving patients’ motor and cognitive outcomes as well as their quality of life. 

Robotics is a systematic examination dedicated to understanding & augmenting analysis with the use of robotic devices. The use of such kinds of robots provides expansion in the use of e advanced devices tailored for assisting the various sensor motor functions (e.g. hand, arm, leg, and ankle), assessment of sensorimotor performance, and the ability to move. 

The use of mobile exoskeletons is becoming more and more common in the field of brain injury rehabilitation

The Advantages of Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy

Robot-assisted therapy can be used by physical therapists in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy approaches. Rehabilitation robotics include a wide range of training devices with the main purpose of training lost body functions caused by neurological or traumatic events in patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury,

Some benefits patients can expect from using robotic technology in therapy:

  • High-dosage and high-intensity training
  • High level of patient care
  • Efficient processes in clinical settings, and
  • A safe environment for patients and healthcare workers.

Neuro-rehab products

The leading neuro-rehab technologies include products such as Cyberdyne HAL, Lightforce Lasers, and Vibramoov.

New-Improvements-in Neuro-rehab-with- Robotic-Technology- Assisted -raining-Rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne is an innovative treatment that enables the regeneration of human brain-nerve-musculoskeletal functions by activating the body’s self-healing ability that humans are naturally in possession of. The effect of this treatment method to promote functions of the lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk is being reported through clinical applications. 

Lightforce Lasers are a trusted choice in laser therapy today. It is a tool to prolong the need for some surgeries as well as pre and post-surgery treatment to help control pain and swelling.

While balancing the Neurorehabilitation system, Vibramoov offers clinicians and patients a therapeutic solution to maintain functional interaction through the course of treatment. The aim here is to preserve muscle architecture & promote the regulation of the muscle activity between agonist & antagonist!

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December 8, 2023

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