Restoring Physical Ability with Cybernetics Therapy

Cybernic treatment with wearable cyborg Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) improves ambulatory function in patients with slowly progressive rare neuromuscular diseases.

The hybrid Assistive Limb is the world‘s first technology that supports and regenerates the wearer’s physical functions according to the wearer’s intentions. It is called “The Wearable Cyborg”.

HAL – Used in Cyberdyne Treatment-

The Hybrid Assistive Limb – HAL helps Recover lost bodily functions. It is a treatment device for walking exercise, proven to be more effective than the conventional method in patients with incurable neuromuscular diseases. This Cyberdyne Treatment improves connections within the nervous system.

Cyberdyne Treatment Process

When a person intends to move a limb, the brain sends signals through the spinal cord and the nerve cells to the muscles. Information of the “limb movement.” returns to the brain from the sensory signal during the motion. Such network loops of signals help maintain the brain’s healthy condition.

Even for a person with a disability, signals sent from the brain to the muscles leaks onto the skin surface as a very faint signal.

Repeated exchange of the signals will reinforce the synaptic connections and drive relearning techniques. Cybernic treatment improves and regenerates the physical function of patients who suffer from diseases such as neuromuscular disease.

There are five steps that HAL follows in Cyberdyne Treatment-

  1. When we move our bodies, we begin by thinking about the movement.
  2. The Muscles then receive signals sent from the brain
  3. By reading the signals, HAL determines the wearer’s desired movements.
  4. HAL controls the power unit according to the movements it recognizes to assist the wearer in moving 
  5. Once movement is complete, HAL realizes the wearer‘s intended motion, and the body feeds back information about the successful movement. This allows the brain to gradually learn how to send out the signals necessary for good movements. Repeating this process could help a person with a disability improve their physical function after taking off HAL.

Cyberdyne Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy are designed to assist rehabilitation and can potentially increase the efficiency of and accessibility to therapy by assisting therapists to provide consistent training for extended periods, and collecting data to assess progress. 

HAL has a wide range of applications, such as improving physical function in the welfare and medical fields, heavy work support in other workplaces, and supporting recovery activities at disaster sites, with the help of rehabilitation robots in physical therapy.

Testimonial of Patients-

I need to be able to walk in my daughter’s wedding. The first time I got on it, I thought ‘This is going to be great I am going to be able to walk, but No! It was very difficult but super awesome. Initially, the robot was having to do all the work for me. Every time I got in the robot I was able to do a little more until I was able to just do it on my own. When it came time to walk at my daughter’s wedding, I was able to walk with a walker down the aisle.”—

Says Puschel – HAL Lower Limb.

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October 5, 2022

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