ROBERT® – A Complete Flexible Solution for Rehabilitation

ROBERT® is an advanced rehabilitation robot that can showcase its unique abilities to treat lower extremities and a new module for the upper extremities.

Life Science Robotics are the developers of ROBERT®, a revolutionary robot design for the mobilization of bedridden patients and specialists in rehabilitation robotics.

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy

Are designed to attend to the early mobilization of patients who are confined to their beds. ROBERT® is an extremely innovative and ground-breaking robot focusing on efficient rehabilitation and early mobilization of patients

How to Use the Robot – ROBERT®?

ROBERT® is very easy to set up and use-…

  • Besides the ease of moving the robot from place to place, ROBERT® offers healthcare professionals a quick, safe, and intuitive operation.
  • Reduces heavy and repetitive lifts and enhances early mobilization, improving the effectiveness of treatment
  • Faster recovery and return to daily living
  • Shorter hospitalization periods

Treatment with ROBERT®

ROBERT® - A Complete-Flexible-Solution-for-Rehabilitation-rehabmodalities

Robotics is playing an ever-increasing role in life sciences applications. Life Science Robotics currently focuses on new software upgrades. The latest update included sound effects to make the training even easier. 

Moving as soon as possible after admission to the hospital or surgery is an important step to an optimal recovery…There are three procedures…

Active Resistive Mobilization

ROBERT® offers resistance against the patient’s movement. The resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed by a healthcare professional.

Active Assistive Mobilization

ROBERT® guides the patient through the exercise. The patient’s function and strength determine the level of activity during the exercise. The patient cooperates with ROBERT®’s movements or relaxes in case of fatigue.

Passive Mobilization

ROBERT® supports the rehabilitation of immobilized patients. Very early mobilization of severely affected patients is facilitated. Patients with reduced or inexistent levels of function can engage in early rehabilitation.

Recovery by ROBERT

ROBERT®’s- rehab robot, mobilizes patients…

It’s important we begin rehabilitation exercises, to quickly get patients out of bed!

Robot-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation–After surgery or after a stroke, it is often beneficial from a medical perspective to move the patient’s joints and muscles intensively over a sustained period in order to improve healing. If this mobilization does not take place, complications may arise, such as restricted mobility at a later stage.

ROBERT® - A Complete-Flexible Solution-for-Rehabilitation-rehabodalities


Training the plantar is hard to manage in a normal setup because the patient compensates a lot. ROBERT® helps provide quality movement and can decide on the range of motion for the exercise. This opportunity is a unique thing about ROBERT®! 

Neuro physiotherapist,

Neuro Rehabilitation.

Powered exoskeletons using robotic suits have recently been introduced for the rehabilitation of persons with exoskeleton spinal cord injuries. Exoskeletons offer a unique opportunity for persons with SCI to experience standing and walking.

Life Science Robotics has developed a medical product for Robot-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation and for mobilizing patients.

For a demo, log onto https://rehabmodalities.com/ 

Use this opportunity to learn more about what this innovative ‘ROBERT®’ has to offer patients.

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October 5, 2022

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