ROBERT®- Your Path to A Faster Recovery

ROBERT® is an innovative and ground-breaking robot focusing on efficient rehabilitation and early mobilisation of patients. 

Advantages of Early Mobilisation

Moving out of the hospital as soon as possible after surgery is an important step to an optimal recovery…Treatment helps…

  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Muscle strength
  • Activates the digestive system
  • Promotes being fit discharge

ROBERT®- Your-Path-to-A-Faster-Recovery-rehabmodalities

What does ROBERT® do?

ROBERT® takes part in work at clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation, and nursing

homes, to provide patients with better treatment. 

The rehabilitation robot works towards-

  • Making it possible to treat more than one patient at once. Based on a professional assessment, the healthcare professional plans the exercises of the day to fit the specific patient. 
  • Patients can exercise with ROBERT® by themselves at their own pace. The healthcare professional records the correct movements. Up to four successive exercises can be planned, making 30-40 minutes of independent training possible for the patient.
  • Studies have shown that patients’ ability to influence their rehabilitation process, will result in an improved outcome. The exercises are based on the experts’ knowledge, to ensure a qualitative treatment. 

Robert Treatment

ROBERT®- Your-Path-to-A-Faster-Recovery-rehabmodalities

  • The resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed by a healthcare professional.
  • The patient’s function and strength determine the level of activity during the exercise. The patient cooperates with ROBERT®’s movements or relaxes in case of fatigue.
  • Very early mobilisation of severely affected patients is facilitated. Patients with a reduced or inexistent level of function can engage in early rehabilitation.


ROBERT® is a Rehabilitation Robot, designed to attend to the early mobilisation of patients who are confined to their beds. ROBERT® acts as a very efficient mobilisation process for patients. The robot offers active resistive and assistive mobilisation and provides patients and healthcare professionals with better conditions for rehabilitation. In addition, the patient can be mobilised more frequently, regardless of whether a therapist is available or not…

  • It is important to initiate early rehabilitation, even though the patient may still be weak and not able to get out of bed by themselves.
  • Mobilisation and training of hospitalised elderly patients are important for maintaining self-functional ability. Development and testing of innovative methods, including new robot technology, are desirable to optimize future treatment and rehabilitation procedures. ROBERT® helps ease movement from one room to another, so the patient can remain in bed during the therapy. 
  • During the therapy, ROBERT® performs a safety test, where the brace is attached to the patient’s lower leg and ROBERT® is rolled up to the bedside, positioned to the patient’s legs.
  • The Robot – ROBERT® is now ready to perform the therapy, in which the patient receives optimal quality training. ROBERT® is instructed by healthcare professionals to carry out a training exercise. It carries out heavy and repeated lifting during rehabilitation and helps improve the working environment for the physiotherapist to help the patient. 

Connect with us at https://rehabmodalities.com/ for more on how ROBERT® can help the rehabilitation process effectively!

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November 5, 2022

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