Vibramoov – A Therapeutic Solution for Functional Rehab

Functional Proprioceptive Stimulation induces a sensation of movement in the direction that would have lengthened the stimulated muscle.


Stimulates the nervous system with sensory information identical to those normally going along natural movements → Sensation of virtual movement → Can induce a motor response → Keep alive the sensory-motor interactions.

Active patient participation increases, session after session, following these successive steps

The two modes of treatment – to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions. 

Vibramoov Treatment Steps

Vibramoov - A Therapeutic Solution for Functional Rehab

MODE 1 –

Functional Proprioceptive Stimulations (FPS) are applied on the musculo-tendinous junction.

FPS mechanically stimulates the muscle spindles, mimicking the sensory signals – Ia fibers of functional movements.

This neurosensory trick activates related sensory-motor areas allowing patients to feel natural movements. Because sensory & motor systems are interdependent, the CNS then reacts by initiating corresponding movements.

Reducing Pain-

MODE 2 –

  • Antalgy…

These focal stimulations are used for the treatment of pain by the stimulation of skin mechanoreceptors & the gate control effect.

Regulate the muscular activity-

Vibramoov - A Therapeutic Solution for Functional Rehab

MODE 3 –

  • Spasticity…

Stimulations are applied in the middle of the antagonist’s muscle to the spastic one. They induce an increased activity in the stimulated muscle & a reciprocal inhibition of the antagonist/spastic one. For patients with significant spasticity, mode 3 has to be applied through several sessions before applying mode 1 “mobility”

Recover muscle strength-

MODE 4 –

  • Tonicity…

Targeted actions of mode 4 help the patients to :
. increase their muscle tone
. recover the muscle mass
. strengthen their motor function

. carry out the important proprioceptive work

The optimal effects of those stimulations are reached when patients achieve isometric contractions of stimulated muscles synchronously with stimulations.

Rehabilitation with Vibramoov

FPS application in the rehabilitation continuum:


  • Recovery of Motor Function
  • Walking speed recovery
  • Plasticity level

 Vibramoov is an effective and innovative therapeutic solution used in functional rehabilitation.

A complete kit and its 4 treatment modes are the turnkey solutions that offer clinicians and patients, rich and varied protocols adapted to a large number of therapeutic indications.

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October 11, 2023

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