Your Road to Quicker Recoveries with ROBERT®

ROBERT® focuses on effective rehabilitation and early mobilization of patients, and it is an innovative and pioneering robot.

The benefits of early mobilization

Promptly leaving the hospital following surgery is crucial for achieving the best possible recovery. Receiving treatment facilitates recovery.

  • Blood flow has been elevated
  • Respiratory function has been enhanced
  • Muscle strength
  • Stimulates the functioning of the digestive system
  • Encourages maintaining physical fitness


What is the function of ROBERT®?

ROBERT® is involved in activities at clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes to improve patient care.

The rehabilitation robot is dedicated to…

  • Patients can exercise with ROBERT® independently at their own pace while the healthcare professional records the correct movements. The healthcare professional plans the day’s exercises to fit the patient based on a professional assessment, making treating more than one patient at once possible. 
  • Up to four successive exercises can be planned, allowing for 30-40 minutes of independent training for the patient. Research has demonstrated that patients’ ability to influence their rehabilitation process improves outcomes. 
  • The exercises are designed based on experts’ knowledge to ensure high-quality treatment.

Robert’s Approach


  • The exercise’s resistance level is adapted based on the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® is capable of providing resistance to any movement as instructed by a healthcare professional. 
  • The patient’s function and strength determine the activity level during the exercise. With ROBERT®, the patient is empowered to work in coordination with their movements, taking breaks when tired, and thus, feeling more in control of their rehabilitation journey.
  • Early mobilization of severely affected patients is made possible. Patients with limited or no function can participate in early rehabilitation.


ROBERT® is a rehabilitation robot that facilitates the early mobilization of bedridden patients. It efficiently supports patient mobilization by offering active resistive and assistive mobilization. ROBERT® enhances rehabilitation conditions for patients and healthcare professionals. Additionally, it allows more frequent mobilization of patients independent of therapist availability.

  • It is crucial to start rehabilitation early, even if the patient is still frail and unable to move independently.
  • Mobilizing and training elderly patients in the hospital is critical in preserving their ability to function independently. Creating and testing new methods, including innovative robot technology, is essential for improving future treatment and rehabilitation procedures. ROBERT® facilitates movement from one room to another, allowing the patient to stay in bed during therapy.
  • During therapy, ROBERT® conducts a safety check by attaching the brace to the patient’s lower leg and positioning itself at the bedside by rolling up to the patient’s legs.
  • The robot, ROBERT®, is now prepared to conduct therapy, providing the patient with high-quality training. Healthcare professionals instruct ROBERT® to carry out training exercises. It performs strenuous and repetitive lifts during rehabilitation, enhancing the working environment for physiotherapists and benefiting the patient.

You can find more information on how ROBERT® can effectively aid rehabilitation by visiting https://rehabmodalities.com/.

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June 1, 2023

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