Cyberdyne HAL Assists Patients with Muscular Degeneration

Cyberdyne is a robot designed to enable persons who have lost the use of their lower limbs to regain the joy of walking. Cyberdyne uses HAL [Hybrid Assistive Limb] technology. The patient’s intention is used by the robotic suit to move the legs.

The exoskeletons created by Cyberdyne – The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL are made of special light yet sturdy plastic called HAL®. Being in pace with new technology is crucial in healthcare. With advancements in healthcare and other technologies, India is speeding towards better medical facilities.

Cyberdyne HAL Theory for Muscular Degeneration

Cyberdyne-HAL Assists-Patients-with Muscular-Degeneration-rehabmodalities

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL designed for patients with muscular dystrophy, will enable patients to enjoy the satisfaction of standing or walking by supporting their complete lower skeleton.

  • Cyberdyne assists in enhancing, supporting, and regenerating patients’ physical functions.
  • HAL’s non-invasive BES-sensing technology solution, HAL, aids people all around the world in regaining their ability to walk (Hybrid Assistive Limb)
  • HAL Lower Limb is utilized to enhance mobility and well-being for recovery following an accident or surgery.
  • Mobile well-being, or the capacity to walk about without outside aid, uses best-sensing technology.
  • Improving overall health to keep freedom and a great quality of life.

Cyberdyne Treatment uses HAL to improve/regenerate the function of the wearer. The treatment targets spinal cord injury, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, etc. The process includes–

  • Thought Process – The brain first generates command signals. When there is movement in the body, the brain anticipates and transmits necessary signals through the nerves to the muscles.
  • Receiving Signals – The muscles then receive the command signals. Each muscle contracts to generate power when it receives the appropriate command signal sent from the brain through the nerves.
  • Reading the signals – sent to the muscle by the brain trickling onto the skin surface as faint bio-electric signals.
  • Movement – Cyberdyne HAL® moves as the wearer intends to move. HAL controls the power units at each point based on the bio-electrical signals and lets the wearer perform desired movements with their voluntary commands.
  • Feedback – information is sent back to the brain when HAL® has almost done assisting the intended movement.

Rehabilitation for Muscular Degeneration with HAL

Cyberdyne-HAL Assists-Patients-with Muscular-Degeneration-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne Robot – HAL® is a new treatment device, proven to be very effective in patients with muscular dystrophy.

A very crucial part of robotic technology research is involved with lower extremity rehabilitation. People with muscular degeneration, leading to problems in gait are increasing rapidly in contemporary aging societies. Individuals around the world use Cyberdyne technology to regain their mobility and restore their independence. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy eventually work toward a patient’s strength and endurance!

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® suits make a positive difference in the life of a patient affected by muscular dystrophy, that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. It affects the joints and the central nervous system. A large data of humans and things are analysed and processed through artificial intelligence, thus accelerating the creation of a new Cybernetics industry that fuses humans with cyberspace and physical space.

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February 24, 2023

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