Cyberdyne HAL: Encouraging Mobility Wellness

Mobile wellness means being able to move without help from others.

At Cyberdyne, we have a straightforward goal: enabling people to walk independently using HAL, our non-invasive technology solution.

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL technology effectively teaches the nervous system to perform correct movements.

Principle of Cyberdyne HAL:


The movement of the human body is not just about muscle activity. When a person wants to move, signals travel from the brain to the muscles through motor neurons and then to the specific location in the musculoskeletal system, such as a joint, that carries out the movement. During this process, subtle bio-electric signals are emitted onto the skin surface as bio-electric signals (BES), indicating the person’s intention to move.

Cyberdyne Therapy:

The unique characteristic of the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL is its direct interaction with the neural signals produced by the user. The device shows the actual signals reaching the muscles and provides assistance in movement based on these signals. By having internal information about the body’s activity during movement, we can adjust HAL’s response to encourage elderly users to use more appropriate muscle groups for daily activities and generate more vital, healthier signals.

HAL’s synchronized movement offers a significant advantage, enabling users to perform fitness-enhancing movements with a broader range of motion and reduced strain. This results in improved muscle flexibility, strength, and control over movements, enhancing overall fitness and mobility.


A pattern followed by Cyberdyne HAL –

  • Think

When the body moves slightly, the brain produces command signals and sends them through the nerves to the muscles.

  • Send Signals

The muscles receive the command signals. Each muscle contracts to create that potential when it gets the appropriate command signal from the brain through the nerves.

  • Understand Signals

The brain transmits signals to the muscle, which travel to the skin as bioelectric signals.

  • Movement

HAL operates by the user’s movements. HAL regulates the power units at various locations by interpreting the bio-electrical signals, allowing the wearer to execute intended movements through voluntary commands.

  • Feedback

A signal is transmitted to the brain when HAL is nearly done with the planned movement.

Using Cyberdyne Technology, the impossible can be accomplished! Utilize the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL to enhance physical strength and endurance and get back on your feet. 


The significance of advocating functional enhancement through Cyberdyne Treatment goes beyond transmitting voluntary command signals. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy guarantee the correct performance of exercises.

They also assist in bearing the patient’s body weight, enabling them to engage in more extended periods of activity without fatigue. They assess progress and offer objective reporting and evaluation.

Cyberdyne treatment with HAL – 

Our technology enables people to walk independently again, assisting them in regaining the ability to perform those movements independently.

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May 30, 2023

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