‘Cyberdyne HAL’ – helping spinal cord injury.

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL, also known as Cyberdyne HAL, is a remarkable innovation that helps patients with Spinal cord injury to improve their functional locomotion. This technology is called the Hybrid Assistive Limb and a Miracle in Motion.

HAL Therapy, which uses a neurologically controlled cyborg, enables repetitive locomotor training and enhances neural activity. It also promotes learning by restructuring the proprioceptive feedback loop.

Advantages of HAL Therapy


When we want to walk, our brain sends bio-electric signals connecting with the muscles to enable movement.

Paralyzed patients may not have strong enough signals to move their muscles effectively, but the HAL device can detect weak signals that reach the skin, process them, and use motors in the hip and knee joints to assist with the desired movement.

The sensory system provides feedback to the brain about the target muscle, allowing it to learn how to move the legs through repeated training with HAL. Research on HAL shows that patients with spinal cord injuries have significantly increased their walking speed after using the device for therapy.

Using a neurologically controlled Wearable Cyborg™ HAL, Locomotor training can be performed to enable neural activity and repetitive exercises of specific tasks.

Functional improvements can be achieved in chronic spinal cord injury patients through HAL-assisted treadmill training. This type of training is expected to increase gait endurance by approximately 50%.

HAL Rehabilitation


HAL, a neuro-rehab device by Cyberdyne, helps spinal cord injury patients move their legs based on their intention without dictating their movements.

With HAL’s assistance, your voluntary movements can improve your gait patterns and walking function, even in chronic stages of the disease. HAL has also been shown to have positive effects on neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel function, spasticity, mental health, and the cardiovascular system.


Robins story –

I would like to express my gratitude to the kind and competent staff of the Cyberdyne Care Team. Following my accident with incomplete tetraplegia, I was offered ambulatory training at Cyberdyne, which I gratefully accepted. From the very first session, I realized that this training was incredibly beneficial for individuals in my situation. I was both impressed and grateful for the speedy progress I could make. In my opinion, my recovery would not have been as successful without this type of therapy. Today, I can walk without assistance, leaving that problematic time behind me.

The development owes a lot to Cyberdyne treatment, and the whole team deserves a big thank you for their contribution. Things would have had a different outcome without their efforts.

Robots used in physical therapy for rehabilitation ensure that exercises are executed precisely.

HAL Wearable Cyborg helps patients by supporting their body weight during physical activities. It measures progress and evaluates performance.

Healthcare professionals strive to provide top-notch care for their patients and staff, and HAL can assist.

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May 20, 2023

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