Cyberdyne HAL helps in Neurodegenerative Rehabilitation

HAL is the first robotic treatment device in the world that has been proven to enhance a patient’s walking ability.

In the healthcare field, it is crucial to compete with new and advanced technology.

Cyberdyne treatment in India represents a significant advancement in the medical industry. Therefore, your journey to improved mobility begins with The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL.

For example, in cases of spinal cord injury, the connection between the brain and muscles is disrupted. The HAL exoskeleton is designed to detect even faint bioelectric signals between the brain and the skin surface above the muscles and translate those signals into muscle movement.

Cyberdyne Techniques

Neurodegenerative-Rehabilitation-with Cyberdyne-HAL-rehabmodalities

Neurodegenerative conditions typically worsen over time and do not have a cure. They can be hereditary or caused by a tumor or stroke.

HAL follows a specific sequence in treating the condition:

  • Consideration – The brain produces command signals and transmits necessary signals through the nerves to the muscles during body movement.
  • Signal Transmission – The muscles receive the command, and each muscle contracts to generate power upon receiving the appropriate command signal from the brain through the nerves.
  • Signal Interpretation – Signals sent to the muscles by the brain manifest on the skin surface as faint bioelectric signals. HAL sensors placed on the skin surface detect these bioelectrical signals and identify the type of movement the wearer intends to make.
  • Movement – HAL moves as the wearer intends. HAL regulates the power units at each joint based on these bioelectrical signals, allowing the wearer to execute the desired movements with voluntary commands.
  • Feedback – Information is then sent back to the brain. When HAL has supported the intended movements, the sensation is relayed to the brain.

The brain can gradually learn to send the required signals for “walking,” resulting in the crucial initial development of independent walking for people with physical challenges. HAL is the sole robot capable of offering suitable solutions for interpreting brain signals related to motion.

Recovery by Cyborg

Neurodegenerative-Rehabilitation-with Cyberdyne-HAL-rehabmodalities

The HAL Wearable Cyborg operates based on the wearer’s motor intentions and internal ideal movement patterns, functioning as if it were a natural part of the body. This progressive neurodegenerative condition would lead to the reconnection of the central nervous system to the motor units and the reconnection of motor neurons to muscle fibers.

Even when the muscles have minimal function, the device’s movement activates sensory receptors, such as those found in muscle spindle fibers, and sends real-time sensory information back to the brain. The Cyberdyne’s HAL enables the neuromuscular and central nervous systems to collaborate in generating the desired movements.

Patient Feedback

Samantha’s said, I have never felt more mobile since starting at Cyberdyne. Today marks my final day of walking with Cyberdyne Hall at Brooks Rehabilitation. I have seen significant clinical progress compared to my initial days. I am grateful for the increased confidence and improved physical activity.’

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August 11, 2023

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