Cybernetics Treatment for Neuromuscular Patients-The HAL

Cybernetics Treatment uses ‘The Hybrid Assistive Limb – HAL’ to improve/regenerate the function of the wearer. The functional improvement/regeneration technology using HAL based on the interactive bio-feedback theory [IBF] is an innovative treatment technology that enables the improvement/regeneration of human brain-nerve-musculoskeletal functions by activating the body’s self-healing ability that humans are naturally in possession of.

Cyberdyne treatment in India is helping various patients from all over the world. Patients who otherwise found it difficult to get treatment, are now in the right hands, and that too at such affordable prices. India offers almost 50% less cost than other countries. 

Uses of HAL Therapy

Cybernetics-Treatment-for Neuromuscular- Patients-The-HAL-rehabmodalities

Enhance Neuro-modulation Progressive neuromuscular diseases…

HAL functions in accordance with the motor intention of the wearer and internal ideal movement patterns as if it were a part of the body.

Neuromuscular feedback therapy is capable of improving activities of daily life in patients with neuromuscular issues:

  • Decreasing the level of dependency when you are without HAL after the HAL treatment program.
  • Improving ambulatory function in speed, endurance, cadence, stride length, and joint range of motion.
  • Improving balance ability
  • Learning how to control muscle with visualized information of neural activity.

Cybernics (i.e., the IBF created by the union of HAL and the nervous and musculoskeletal systems of the wearer) enables the regeneration of impaired motor function. This neuroplasticity would result in the reconnection of the CNS to the motor units and the reconnection of motors to muscle fibers.

Rehabilitation by Hal

The ‘Wearable Cyborg™ – HAL, can compensate for the patient’s inadequate strength or motor control at speeds individually calibrated to the residual motor functions, while continuous feedback provides the patient with a subjective perception of improvement.

Cybernetics-Treatment-for Neuromuscular- Patients-The-HAL-rehabmodalities

These characteristics make HAL a potential support in the rehabilitation domain for both trainers and patients, whose role remains central to the process. Robotic Neurorehabilitation with HAL- The ‘Wearable Cyborg™ is attractive because of its potential for easy deployment, applicability across a wide range of motor impairments, and high measurement reliability. Cyberdyne treatment provides advanced neuro-robotic rehabilitation technologies for the well-being of patients with a stroke around the world.

The key to promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals.

HAL is also considered the system that accelerates motor learning of the brain which eventually leads to the neuroplasticity of the brain functions. The purpose of HAL is to create an ideal future by researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy deliver revolutionary therapies and enhance the quality of life for all people in need. The purpose is to create an ideal future by researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Patient testimonial –

Derrik says – “This revolutionary technology offers hope to people looking for rehabilitation & to many who are told they would never walk again.”

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December 12, 2022

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