Early mobilisation for Physical Disabilities using HAL

Cyberdyne is a revolutionary therapy method that operates using robotics. The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL is the only robotic suit capable of addressing brain movements. The created technology is based on the novel notion of IoT technology.

HAL® can read signals and operate the power unit to support joint movement in sync with the user.Cyberdyne HAL® uses bio-electrical signals (BES) to detect motion and provide interactive biofeedback to the brain, neurological system, and muscles.

HAL, a wearable cyborg, manages the power unit based on the wearer’s motions.

HAL, a wearable cyborg, regulates the power unit according on the wearer’s actions, allowing either more precise movement or more force.

Plans for Disabilities by HAL

HAL-Helps-Mobility for-Patient-with Physical-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

HAL allows you to be on your feet with high physical strength and endurance.HAL® improves physical mobility by monitoring the user’s center of gravity and inferring desired motions. Sensors linked to the skin detect biopotential signals generated in the brain shortly after the user initiates muscular movement and control motors.

Cyberdyne Treatment utilizes the HAL® Robotic Suit to enhance and renew the wearer’s function. The therapy focuses on spinal cord injuries that cause physical limitations, as well as neuromuscular illnesses.

The steps includes

The brain generating command messages. When the body moves, the brain predicts the action and sends required instructions to the muscles via nerves.

Receiving – The muscles receive the command impulses. When the brain sends the necessary instruction signal via the nerves, each muscle contracts to produce power.

The brain sends reading signals to the muscle, which appear on the skin’s surface as weak bioelectric impulses.

HAL follows the wearer’s movement intentions. HAL uses bioelectrical impulses to operate the power units at each place and allows the wearer to conduct desired motions using voluntary instructions.

HAL provides feedback to the brain when it has nearly completed helping the planned movement.

Treatment for Physical Disabilities

HAL-Helps-Mobility for-Patient-with Physical-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne therapy offers innovative therapies and improves the quality of life for those in need. The goal of rehabilitation robots in physical therapy is to improve medicine, welfare, and daily living through the development and production of revolutionary cybernics systems.

Patient testimonial

Patient Sarah’s testimonial-I assumed it would be easy and I’d be able to walk, but it wasn’t! Initially, the robot had to perform all the job for me. Every time I went in the robot, I was able to accomplish a bit more until I could do it all on my own. I was able to walk down the aisle using a walker!

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October 20, 2023

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