Lower Limb Disability Recovery with Cyberdyne HAL

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL is created to enhance the physical capabilities of patients. Cyberdyne Treatment utilizes HAL to restore the functionality of the user. The therapy is aimed at addressing disabilities related to the lower limbs.

Cyberdyne HAL

Cyberdyne-HAL-Helps Treat-Lower-Limb Disabilities-rehabmodalities

The Wearable Cyborg™ – HAL is capable of generating commands, sending and receiving signals, and assisting with intended movements. It can detect faint bio-electrical signals that trickle onto the skin’s surface from the brain to the muscles when a person attempts to move. HAL consolidates various information to complete the motion of patients. This establishes a neurological loop of afferent and efferent neurons between the brain and muscles through HAL.

Cyberdyne HAL, designed to treat Lower Limb Type, is approved as a medical device for patients with Musculoskeletal Ambulation Disability Symptom Complex, including those with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cerebrovascular diseases, and other brain and neuromuscular system disorders.

Recovery by Cyberdyne HAL

Cyberdyne-HAL-Helps Treat-Lower-Limb Disabilities-rehabmodalities

Consider, Transmit, Interpret, Shift — HAL is the first wearable cyborg™ controlled by neurological signals, allowing your thoughts to be translated into physical actions.
HAL enhances movement in individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury, and other neuromuscular conditions. By utilizing the bio-electrical signals that represent the wearer’s intended movements, HAL facilitates interactive biofeedback within and outside the body, connecting HAL, the brain, the nervous system, and the muscular system.

The Cyberdyne Treatment is rooted in the concept of interactive bio-feedback. Clinical applications have demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing the functions of the lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk. The Wearable Cyborg™ by Cyberdyne HAL is designed to accommodate all individuals. It is utilized in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. The device is controlled by the wearer’s intentions and serves as a robust support in the journey towards independence. Additionally, it establishes a healthy cycle of signals.


HAL Lower Limb (HAL-ML05) is a neurological device designed to help patients recover natural movement in their paralyzed legs by interpreting their intentions. Its goal is to enhance locomotor activity in various types of neuromuscular disease patients, even in chronic stages. Exoskeletons and rehabilitation robots are used in physical therapy to address lower limb disabilities and gait disorders. These devices enhance capabilities, aid in locomotion, and support rehabilitation efforts in general.

Our patient Feedback– Robins story –

I want to express my gratitude to the wonderful and skilled staff of the Cyberdyne Care Team. Following my accident resulting in incomplete tetraplegia, I accepted the offer for ambulatory training at Cyberdyne, which I am grateful for. From the very first session, I recognized the value of this type of training for individuals in my circumstances. I was deeply impressed and grateful for the rapid progress I was able to make. I firmly believe that my recovery would not have been as successful without this form of therapy. Today, I am able to walk without any assistance and have put the challenging times behind me. The Cyberdyne treatment played a significant role in this progress. Once again, I extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire team. Without you, the outcome would have been different.

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August 19, 2023

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