Promoting Mobility Wellness with Cyberdyne – HAL

Mobile wellness is the ability to move about without outside assistance!

At Cyberdyne, our mission is simple. We empower individuals to walk on their own using HAL, our non-invasive technology solution. The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL technology actually retrains the nervous system on how to carry out proper movements.

Cyberdyne HAL Principle:

Promoting-Mobility- Wellness-with-Cyberdyne – HAL-rehabmodalities

Human body movement does not involve only moving muscles. When a person intends to move his or her body, nerve signals are transmitted from the brain to muscles via motor neurons and then to the musculoskeletal system location such as a joint that executes the movement. At that time, subtle bio-electric signals leak out onto the skin surface as bio-electric signals (BES), reflecting his or her intention to move.

Cyberdyne Treatment:

One of the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL’s unique characteristics is its direct involvement with the neural signals generated by the wearer. Not only will the device display what signals are actually reaching the muscle, but it will also provide motion assistance based on these signals. With this internal information about what is happening inside the body when attempting to move, we can manipulate HAL’s response to these signals to encourage elderly wearers to use more appropriate muscle groups when carrying out daily activities, as well as produce stronger, healthier signals.

The synchronized movement of HAL also allows its wearers to repeat fitness-enhancing movements with a wider range of motion and less load. This results in improved muscle flexibility, strength, and control of their movements.

Promoting-Mobility- Wellness-with-Cyberdyne – HAL-rehabmodalities

A pattern that Cyberdyne HAL follows-

  • Think

When there is a slight movement in the body, the brain generates command signals and transmits them through the nerves to the muscles. 

  • Send Signals

The muscles receive these command signals. Each muscle contracts to create that potential when it receives the appropriate command signal sent from the brain through the nerves.

  • Understand Signals

Signals sent to the muscle by the brain flow onto the skin surface as bioelectric signals.

  • Movement

HAL moves as the user intends to move. HAL controls the power units at each point based on the bio-electrical signals and lets the wearer perform desired movements with their voluntary commands.

  • Feedback

A response is sent to the brain when HAL has almost finished the intended movement.

You can use “Cyberdyne Technology” to achieve the impossible! With the help of the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL, you can be on your feet with great physical strength and endurance. 


The importance of promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy ensure that exercises are performed correctly.

They often help to support the patient’s body weight so that patients can participate for longer periods of time before tiring. They measure improvements and provide objective reporting and assessment.

Cyberdyne treatment with HAL – Helping individuals relearn how to carry out those movements by themselves. Our technology empowers individuals to walk on their own.

Connect with us at https://rehabmodalities.com/ to start your well-being journey today!!

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December 12, 2022

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