Rehab Robots therapy for Multiple Physical Disorders

With numerous breakthroughs in technology, healthcare has reached new heights.

Cyberdyne treatment in India is helping various patients from all over the world. Multiple Physical Disorders Patients who otherwise found it difficult to get treatment, are now in the right hands, and that too at such affordable prices. India offers almost 50% less cost than other countries. 

Robotic rehabilitation tools are neither the standard of care, nor entirely experimental, but rather a clinically innovative therapy of some use.

Uses of Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® Treatment:

HAL functions in accordance with the motor intention of the wearer and internal ideal movement patterns as if it were a part of the body.

Even though the muscles barely function, the sensory receptors such as those found in muscle spindle fibers get activated by the device’s movement, and this sensory information is fed back to the brain in real-time. Due to this neurological loop of information between the brain and the periphery can be established repeatedly without putting much load on the muscles, synaptic connections can be improved and strengthened through neuronal plasticity, reconstructing the neural connectivity network and thereby promoting functional improvement. In this way, the technological characteristics of the HAL Systems were designed with the intent to promote the reconstruction of the patient’s neural connectivity network including the connectome of the brain, and improve and regenerate the patient’s brain-neuro-physical functions.

Treating Physical Disorders with HAL® Principle

Rehab-Robots-therapy-for-Multiple Physical-Disorders-rehabmodalities

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL), designed for patients with multiple physical disorders, will enable patients to enjoy the satisfaction of standing or walking by supporting their complete lower skeleton…

  • Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® is used in Cybernics Treatment to enhance the wearer’s function. 
  • Weak bioelectric potential signals leak to the body’s surface when someone tries to move their body because a signal is sent from the brain to the muscles through the nerves in accordance with the goal of the movement. 
  • “Bio-electrical impulses” that indicate an individual’s intention emerge on the skin’s surface just before a body movement. Cybernetics through the clinical application, it has been shown that this therapy strategy helps to promote lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk functions.

The secret to encouraging functional advancement using Cyberdyne Treatment focuses more on the return of feedback from the experience of actual movement to the human brain. By triggering the body’s innate capacity for self-healing, the functional regeneration technique using HAL® enables the improvement of human brain-n

Rehabilitation in physical disorder therapy

Rehab-Robots-therapy-for-Multiple Physical-Disorders-rehabmodalities

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy ensure that exercises are performed properly. They often help to support the Multiple Physical Disorders patient’s body weight so that Physical Disorders patients can participate for longer periods before tiring. They measure improvements and provide objective reporting and assessment. Intelligent, motor-driven devices for rehabilitation, or rehabilitation robotics, represent an exciting frontier with considerable potential to address the concerns.

Burkhards Story

Without Cyberdyne Care Robotics GmbH, I would be staying in a nursing case nowadays. Thanks to the training with the HAL Robot Suit and the competent team from ZNB that I can live a self-determined life again.

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March 24, 2023

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