Restoring Mobility with Cyberdyne HAL

‘Wearable Cyborg™ – HAL is the power generated by Cybernics”

HAL is the only robot that can provide appropriate solutions for the motions of the brain. The technology that has been developed is based on the new concept of the Internet of Things. 

Uses of HAL

Cyberdyne Treatment uses HAL to improve/regenerate the function of the wearer. The treatment targets spinal cord injury, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, etc.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) is a robot that can supplement or improve the user’s physical capabilities, particularly for people who have physical mobility difficulties.

By monitoring the user’s center of gravity and direction of movement, HAL- the ‘Wearable Cyborg™ improves the user’s physical mobility. 

Cyberdyne Treatment Plan with HAL

HAL follows a very specific treatment pattern…

  • Thought

Any movement in a person’s body triggers the motions in his/her brain. By thinking “I want to walk.” the brain transmits necessary signals to the muscles required for the motion.

  • Signal

In a healthy body, each muscle is able to receive signals destined from the brain to it and move as strongly and fast as intended. In the case of HAL, it is done with help of the technology involved in stimulating the nerves.

  • Reading Signals

HAL is able to read Bioelectric signals by attaching the originally developed detectors on the surface of the wearer ‘s skin. By consolidating various information, HAL recognizes what sorts of motions the wearer intends.

  • Motion

HAL, as well as man, are able to process various information instantly and control the power unit promptly. When the body starts moving, HAL starts moving at the same time, and so HAL is able to assist the wearer ‘s motions.

  • Feedback

Our brain first confirms how the body moves on what sort of signals. When HAL has appropriately assisted the motions of “walking”, the feeling “I could walk!” is fed back to the brain. In this manner, the brain is able to learn the way to emit necessary signals for “walking” gradually, which leads to “the important first step” in walking the physically challenged person without being assisted by HAL. 


Top rehabilitation centers trust our sensing technology to achieve rehabilitation breakthroughs every day. Discover how you can utilize Cyberdyne technology to achieve the same. ‘Wearable Cyborg™ – HAL helps you be on your feet with more physical strength and stamina. 

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy are clinically innovative. Cybernics technology delivers revolutionary therapies and enhances the quality of life for all people in need. The purpose is to create an ideal future by researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Patient Testimonial

Derrick says- “3 months have come & gone here at Brooks Rehabilitation. I want to thank everyone at Brooks and Cyberdyne. Today I leave the Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center knowing that the future looks brighter for people with debilitating injuries. It has been an honour to be one of the very first few patients in the US to use Cyberdyne HAL” 

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November 5, 2022

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