The Neuro HAL from Cyberdyne for Top Athletes

Athletes often use outside tools and technologies to improve their performance as they relentlessly pursue greatness beyond their natural abilities.

HAL’s Hybrid Assistive Limb technology enhances and regenerates physical functions based on the wearer’s intentions, making it a “Wearable Cyborg.”

By wearing Cyberdyne’s ‘Hybrid Assistive Limb’ (HAL), a fusion of “man,” “machine,” and “information” can be achieved. This innovative product incorporates sensing and processing technology to detect faint bioelectrical signals generated when a wearer attempts to move. By detecting these signals, HAL provides the appropriate power assistance to the wearer, enabling them to execute their desired movements.

Cyberdyne HAL 

TheNeuro-HAL-from-Cyberdyne-for Top-Athletes-RehabModalities

Improve your muscle relaxation and athletic performance with the help of Cyberdyne HAL.

The “Wearable Cyborg™” device uses brain waves to power up muscles. It can provide immediate feedback to top athletes unique to the device. With the Cyberdyne HAL, athletes can receive physical feedback that reacts to even the slightest contraction of extraneous muscles. This can help athletes identify when unnecessary muscle stress prevents them from performing at their best.

For example, HAL can provide feedback to athletes on their movement patterns, helping them optimize their posture and stance for improved performance.

HAL’s real-time bioelectrical signal display through the HAL Monitor helps athletes practice muscle contraction and relaxation to improve their performance.

Cyberdyne’s Neuro HAL Plus is a specialized program crafted to enhance muscle traction and relaxation for athletes, currently exclusively available in Japan.

Cyberdyne HAL’s “Wearable Cyborg™” suits have recently been granted a Global Safety Certificate, making them the first exoskeletons to receive such recognition. Furthermore, they are the first medical treatment robot in Europe. At Cyberdyne, we take pride in helping athletes improve their agency, confidence, and performance.

Robots for rehabilitation

TheNeuro-HAL-from-Cyberdyne-for Top-Athletes-RehabModalities

The key purpose of Cyberdyne treatment is to ensure a speedy recovery for our patients.

Robotic rehabilitation, often performed by patients themselves, can be a beneficial addition to therapy for individuals who have motor impairments. This type of therapy can help patients with various types of medical conditions, such as orthopedic injuries, neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

The Wearable Cyborg™ is designed to help athletes with weak limbs to move by allowing them to exert greater motor energy than usual. Additionally, the Cyberdyne HAL system is believed to accelerate motor learning in the brain, which can ultimately lead to neuroplasticity in brain function.

Clinics that use rehabilitation robots in physical therapy rely on biosensing technology for breakthroughs. Discover how you can also benefit from Cyberdyne’s technology.

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May 11, 2023

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