The Wearable Cyborg Helps to Athletes for Best Performance

HAL®  ‘the Hybrid Assistive Limb’ is a neurological device that helps patients regain the natural movement of their paralysed legs based on their intention. It is to improve the locomotor activity in any muscular injuries mainly in athletes or other types of neuromuscular disease patients in the chronic stage. 

HAL brings top athletes to learn how to relax their muscles through neurosensing technology. Being able to balance muscle contraction and relaxation is what separates the world’s top athletes from semi-professional athletes.

Benefits of HAL® Therapy

The-Wearable-Cyborg Helps-to-Athletes-for Best-Performance-rehabmodalities

  • Learn the optimal timing and balance of muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Visualise neural signals and provide physical feedback simultaneously for Top Athletes
  • Experience performance beyond your normal capacity

Athletes are continuously pushing themselves to raise the bar. This relentless pursuit of greatness does not come naturally and oftentimes, top athletes trust outside tools and technologies to continuously improve.

For top athletes, the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL can provide multiple types of immediate feedback that can only be experienced through HAL. For instance, the HAL device itself provides physical feedback, reacting with the slightest contraction of extraneous muscles. This may inform the athlete when there is unnecessary muscle stress that can inhibit them from performing at their full potential. As another example, HAL may be used to inform the athlete about how their muscles and body are moving, helping them find the optimal posture or stance for better performance.

Most importantly, HAL’s ability to display real-time bio-electrical signals through the HAL Monitor helps athletes understand and practice efficient muscle contraction and relaxation. For top athletes, the ability to control muscle activities efficiently and effectively can greatly escalate performance results.

The-Wearable-Cyborg Helps-to-Athletes-for Best-Performance-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne’s Neuro HAL Plus, currently available only in Japan, is a program designed specifically for athletes in order to improve the performance of the muscular system, as well as adjust the optimal timing and balance of muscle contraction and relaxation.

Cyberdyne’s HAL® suits are the first exoskeletons of their kind to receive a Global Safety Certificate. In addition, they are Europe’s first medical treatment robot of its kind. At Cyberdyne, we’re proud to say that we’re helping athletes advance their agency, confidence, and performance.

Treatment with Cyberdyne HAL

When a person tries to move their body, nerve signals are transmitted from the brain to the muscles via motor neurons, causing the musculoskeletal system, including joints, to move. Just before the body movement, faint “bio-electrical signals” that reflect a person’s intention leak out to the skin’s surface. The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL can read this signal and control the power unit to assist joint movement in unison with the person. By using HAL, which utilizes the bio-electrical signal that reflects the wearers’ intended motion, interactive biofeedback is promoted in and outside of the body between HAL, brain, nervous system, and muscular system.

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy assist athletes with weakness of the limbs as a result of injuries to move and enable them to exert bigger motor energy than usual. 

Cyberdyne’s Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® is the system that accelerates motor learning of the brain, eventually leading to the neuroplasticity of brain functions.

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January 27, 2023

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