A Mobility Journey with Cyberdyne

Being in pace with new technology is a must in healthcare. With advancements in healthcare

and other technologies, India is speeding towards better medical facilities.

Uses of Cyberdyne Technology–

  • Cyberdyne is the world’s first technology that helps improve, support, enhance, and regenerate patients’ physical functions.
  • Cyberdyne helps individuals across the world regain their ability to walk through our non-invasive BES-sensing technology solution – HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)
  • HAL Lower Limb is used to improve mobility wellness for post-accident and post-surgery recovery.
  • Bes-sensing technology is used for Mobile wellness, which means the ability to move about without outside assistance.
  • Enhancing overall well-being to maintain a high quality of life and independence.

So, how can Cyberdyne help?


Cyberdyne is a new technology under the treatment that uses Robotics to operate. The use of

a Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) to assist the patient is used in the treatment process.

Cybernics Treatment targets spinal cord injury, stroke, and neuromuscular diseases. It uses

Hybrid Assistive Limb to improve/regenerate the function of the wearer.

The technology that has been developed is based on the new concept of the technology

(Internet of Human and things) and through this technology, the human nervous system,

physiological system and environmental system are connected to the supercomputer.

A large data of humans and things are analysed and processed through artificial intelligence,

thus accelerating the creation of a new Cybernetics industry that fuses humans with

cyberspace and physical space.

A procedure is followed when the HAL is at work in a Cyberdyne treatment:

  • Analytical Thinking

When a person moves his or her body, they first think about the motions in their brain. By the

thought “I want to walk.” our brain channelizes the required signals to the muscles needed for

the motion through nerves.

  • Transmitting Signals

Each muscle in a healthy body can receive signals destined from the brain to it and move as

strongly and fast as intended. However, in the case of HAL, it is done with help of the

technology involved in stimulating the nervous system.

  • Gesticulation

Signals sent to muscles by the brain leak on the skin surface as very faint signals, so-called

“bio-electric signals [BES]”. HAL can read BES only by attaching the originally developed

detectors on the surface of the weaver ‘s skin. By consolidating various information, HAL

recognizes what sort of motions the patient intends.

  • Perceiving motion

A human’s speed of thinking in the brain, controlling the muscle, and moving the joints are

extremely rapid. HAL, as well as man, can process various information instantly. When the

body starts moving, HAL moves too. Therefore, HAL can assist the weaver ‘s movements.

  • Understanding the motion

The mechanism to move the human body does not end up with only moving muscles. The

brain confirms how the body would have moved and on what sort of signal. When HAL has

appropriately assisted the motions of walking, the “I could walk!” feeling is fed back to the brain.

This is how the brain is able to learn the way to emit necessary signals for “walking”

gradually. This leads to “the important first step” in walking the physically challenged

individual without being assisted by HAL. HAL is the only robot that can provide appropriate

solutions for the motions to the brain.

Patient Recovery/Rehabilitation

The HAL Robo Suits make a positive difference in the life of a patient affected by stroke, and

paralysis, affecting the spinal cord, joints, and the central nervous system.

Here is one such testimonial of Samantha-

She says “I feel more mobile than ever since Cyberdyne! Today is my last day walking with

Cyberdyne HAL at the Rehab. I have made big clinical improvements compared to when I

first started. Thanks for getting me more confident to be on my feet, and more physical

strength and stamina. I have been impacted and blessed by this whole experience. Never stop

trying to make your life better!

Connect with Cyberdyne at https://rehabmodalities.com  to learn more about this considerate healthcare platform that connects every dot of healthcare needs and facilities.

Written by Admin

April 13, 2023

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