A Robot-Assisted Therapy by Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne Treatment utilizes HAL for enhancing the wearer’s abilities. HAL, which stands for Hybrid Assistive Limb, is the first technology in the world that assists and restores the wearer’s physical capabilities based on the wearer’s intentions, earning it the title “Wearable Cyborg™” for this function.

Steps by Cyberdyne HAL Treatment 

Cyberdyne-treatment – A-Robot-Assisted-Therapy-rehabmodalities-a-robot-assisted-therapy-by-cyberdyne

Command Signals

The brain initiates command signals initially. Then, the muscles are sent the command signals produced by the brain. When an individual’s body is in motion, they first contemplate the movements in their brain. Through nerves, our brain directs the necessary signals to the muscles required for the movement by thinking “I desire to walk.”

Transmission of Signal

In a healthy body, every muscle can receive signals from the brain and move as intended, with the required strength and speed. HAL achieves this through technology that stimulates the nervous system.

Receiving Signals

The brain sends signals to muscles, which can leak onto the skin as faint “bio-electric signals (BES).” HAL can detect BES by using specifically designed detectors placed on the patient’s skin. By combining different pieces of information, HAL can interpret the intended movements of the patient.

Perceiving Signals

A person’s ability to think, manage muscles, and adjust joints is remarkably fast. HAL, like humans, can swiftly process different types of information. As the body initiates movement, HAL also moves accordingly. Thus, HAL is capable of supporting the wearer’s movements.


The process of moving the human body involves more than just activating muscles. The brain interprets how the body should move and what kind of signal to send. When HAL effectively assists in walking, it sends a feedback signal to the brain, creating the sensation of “I can walk!” This feedback loop helps the brain learn to send the necessary signals for walking over time. This progress represents a crucial first step in enabling physically challenged individuals to walk without HAL’s assistance. HAL is the sole robot capable of offering appropriate solutions for brain-controlled movements.

Recovery from Cyberdyne technology

Cyberdyne-treatment – A-Robot-Assisted-Therapy-rehabmodalities-a-robot-assisted-therapy-by-cyberdyne

Lower extremity rehabilitation is a critical focus of robotic technology research. The prevalence of gait issues in individuals with lower extremity disorders is on the rise in aging societies, but there is currently a lack of specialized rehabilitation personnel and equipment to meet these needs.

People globally rely on Cyberdyne technology to recover their mobility and regain their autonomy. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy ultimately aim to improve a patient’s strength and stamina.

The HAL Robo Suits have a beneficial impact on individuals suffering from stroke and paralysis, which can affect the spinal cord, joints, and the central nervous system.


In 2019, Diana Hong suffered a stroke, leading to challenges in her daily activities. Her left arm weakness significantly impacted her ability to live normally. Following her Cyberdyne treatment, she made considerable progress and gained more independence in her daily life.

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July 14, 2023

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