Cyberdyne HAL for Effective Neurorehabilitation

The HAL Wearable Cyborg is created to enhance patients’ physical capabilities. The use of HAL in Cybernics Treatment aims to rehabilitate the wearer’s functions. It is intended for individuals with spinal cord injuries, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, and similar conditions.

Cyberdyne Treatment with HAL Technology

Effective Neurorehabilitation-using-Cyberdyne-with HAL-rehabmodalities

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL, Cyberdyne, Japan) enables users to walk voluntarily through a neurologically-controlled system that utilizes bioelectrical signals from the user. This system allows for the repetitive performance of natural walking patterns, which are crucial for rehabilitation in cases of neurologic motor impairment.


  • Establishes a healthy loop of signals

This item is created to establish a pathway for signals that reach the muscles to elicit a meaningful response through movement. The user can perceive this movement and their brain, thus completing a loop of signals that is crucial for triggering neuroplasticity, which is essential for healthy motor function. Medical professionals can make various adjustments to the product to assist the user in achieving their desired movements more effortlessly or to focus on correcting abnormal signals through tailored therapeutic exercises that extend beyond walking.

  • Is made to fit right

The product can be customized to fit all individuals by adjusting elements like leg lengths, hip widths, and foot sizes, ensuring comfortable and effective treatment.

  • Is controlled by Wearer’s Intent

This product, like all other HAL systems, can be operated based on the user’s intention to move. Its non-intrusive sensors can identify subtle “bio-electrical signals” that mirror the user’s intent on their skin. Crucially, even individuals with limited mobility can execute their intended movements using their voluntary commands through this exceptional system.

  • Supports the ‘journey to independence

The product offers valuable information to both the wearer and their healthcare provider by providing insight into the signal patterns produced by the wearer, as well as important data such as the center of balance and the phases of the gait cycle. This data is instrumental in shaping the treatment plan, which is designed to optimize neuroplasticity and ultimately help the wearer achieve greater independence.

  • Rehabilitation/Recovery

The crucial aspect of enhancing functional advancement with Cyberdyne Treatment involves not only sending intentional command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system through the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but also focusing on the transmission of feedback from the experience of physical movement back to the human brain.

Neuro-rehabilitation by HAL

Neurorehabilitation-using-Cyberdyne-with HAL-rehabmodalities

Training in the use of HAL is possible and beneficial for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological motor impairments caused by trauma and neurodegenerative diseases following standard rehabilitation. Ultimately, Cyberdyne treatment may also be considered.

Patient Testimonial

In 2013, Rody experienced a car accident, which led to injuries in his spinal cord at the C6 and C7 levels. These injuries made it challenging for him to stand and walk. However, everything changed when he was admitted to Pusat Rehabilitasi PERKESO in 2019 and began receiving treatment with Cyberdyne Lower Limb technology. After undergoing Cyberdyne treatment for 6 months, he is now able to stand and walk with the assistance of a walker. What’s even more remarkable is that Rody has returned to work!

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July 10, 2023

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