Restoring Physical Ability with Cybernetics Therapy

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) is a wearable cyborg technology that enhances mobility in individuals with slowly progressing rare neuromuscular conditions.

HAL is the world’s first technology that assists and restores the user’s physical capabilities based on their intentions, earning it the nickname “The Wearable Cyborg.”

HAL, utilized in Cyberdyne treatment, aids in the recovery of lost bodily functions and is a device for walking exercise that has been proven to be more effective than traditional methods for patients with untreatable neuromuscular conditions. This Cyberdyne treatment enhances neural system connections.

HAL process in Cyberdyne Treatment

Restoring-Physical Ability-with-Cybernetics-Therapy-rehabmodalities

When an individual plans to move a limb, the brain transmits signals via the spinal cord and nerve cells to the muscles. The brain receives information about the “limb movement” from the sensory signal while the movement is occurring. These signal loops help to maintain the brain’s healthy state. Even in the case of a person with a disability, faint signals from the brain to the muscles can be detected on the skin surface.

The synaptic connections will be strengthened through repeated exchange of signals, facilitating relearning techniques. Patients with conditions like neuromuscular disease can experience improved physical function and regeneration through cybernic treatment.

There are five steps that HAL follows in Cyberdyne Treatment

  1. When we initiate movement, we start by contemplating the action.
  2. The brain then transmits signals to the muscles.
  3. By interpreting the signals, HAL identifies the intended movements of the user.
  4. HAL manages the power unit based on the recognized movements to aid the user in their motion.
  5. After the movement is executed, HAL understands the user’s planned motion, and the body provides feedback on the successful movement. This enables the brain to gradually learn how to transmit the necessary signals for proper movements. Repetition of this process could aid a person with a disability in enhancing their physical function after removing HAL.

Cyberdyne Rehabilitation

Restoring-Physical Ability-with-Cybernetics-Therapy-rehabmodalities

Rehabilitation robots used in physical therapy are created to aid in rehabilitation and have the potential to improve the effectiveness and availability of therapy by helping therapists deliver consistent training over extended periods and gathering data to evaluate progress.

HAL has a broad range of uses, including enhancing physical function in the healthcare and medical sectors, providing assistance with heavy-duty tasks in various work environments, and aiding in recovery efforts at disaster sites through the use of rehabilitation robots in physical therapy.

Testimonial of Patients-

 I want to be able to walk at my daughter’s wedding. When I first tried the device, I was optimistic about being able to walk, but it was actually very challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. Initially, the robot had to do all the work for me. Every time I used the robot, I was gradually able to do more until I could eventually walk on my own. When the time came to walk at my daughter’s wedding, I was able to walk with a walker down the aisle.”—

Puschel – HAL Lower Limb.

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July 8, 2023

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