Cyberdyne HAL treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

The Hybrid Assistive Limb – HAL® assists in restoring lost physical capabilities. It is a rehabilitation tool for walking exercises, demonstrated to be particularly beneficial for individuals with untreatable Progressive Muscular Dystrophy conditions. This Cyberdyne Treatment enhances neural network connections within the body.

Uses of Cyberdyne HAL® …

Patients with muscular dystrophy can benefit in several ways from participating in HAL training:

  • Helps maintain and enhance walking ability
  • Increases stamina
  • Positive impact on mental well-being

“A performance test of the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL indicates significant effectiveness for patients with Progressive Muscular Dystrophy.”

Muscular Dystrophy by HAL

Treating-Progressive-Muscular-Dystrophy- Using-Cyborg-rehabmodalities

The HAL® robotic suit is the sole authorized system of its type that captures brain electrical signals through the skin surface of the lower limbs and assists them with motorized support.

HAL® translates the movement by identifying the wearer’s bioelectric potential signal using a sensor attached to the skin. The leg muscles receive nerve signals from the brain, which are then detected by the patient’s skin sensors.

The patient deliberately desires the movement, which is a controlled activity. Muscles send positive feedback to the brain. While using HAL® therapy for rehabilitation, the musculature strengthens, the walking pattern improves significantly, becomes safer, and the need for walking aids can be reduced.

To synchronize the person’s joint movements, HAL® can interpret the signal and control the power unit. HAL® encourages interactive biofeedback between the brain, the nervous system, and the muscular system inside and outside the body. It utilizes the bio-electrical signal representing the wearer’s intended movements.

Recovery by Cyberdyne

A clinical trial was carried out after receiving authorization from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. The findings were utilized to secure medical device authorization in Japan, specifically for the treatment of individuals with Progressive Muscular Dystrophy disease. 

Treating-Progressive-Muscular-Dystrophy- Using-Cyborg-rehabmodalities

The crucial aspect of enhancing functional progress with Cyberdyne Treatment involves not only transmitting intentional command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system through the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but also emphasizing the feedback loop from the sensation of actual movement to the human brain.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, the utilization of HAL® exoskeleton facilitates the accomplishment of several important treatment objectives. For instance, it aids in the strengthening of leg muscles, significantly enhances gait, and provides a sense of increased stability.

  • Walking speed improvement
  • Decreased reliance on medical aids
  • Lessened spasticity
  • Alleviation of neuropathic pain
  • Muscle strengthening

Patient Testimonial

“I want to be able to walk at my daughter’s wedding despite having Progressive Muscular Dystrophy Disease,” says Puschel. When I first used it, I thought, “This will be amazing, I will be able to walk,” but it was very challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Initially, the robot had to do all the work for me, but each time I used it, I was able to do a little more until I could do it on my own. When the time came to walk at my daughter’s wedding, I was able to walk down the aisle with a walker.”

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July 21, 2023

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