Cyberdyne Treatment – A Robot-Assisted Therapy

Cyberdyne Treatment uses HAL to improve the function of the wearer. HAL [Hybrid Assistive Limb] is the world‘s first technology that supports and regenerates the wearer’s physical functions according to the wearer’s intentions and for this feature, it is named “Wearable Cyborg™”.

Cyberdyne treatment steps

Cyberdyne-treatment – A-Robot-Assisted-Therapy-rehabmodalities

Command Signals

The brain first generates command signals. Next, the muscles receive the command signals generated by the brain. 

When a person’s body moves, they first think about the motions in their brain. By the

thought “I want to walk.” our brain channelizes the required signals to the muscles needed for

the motion through nerves. 

Transmission of Signal

Every muscle in a healthy body can receive signals from the brain to it and move as

strongly and fast as intended. In the case of HAL, it is done with help of the

technology involved in stimulating the nervous system.

Receiving Signals

Signals sent to muscles by the brain leak on the skin surface as very faint signals, so-called

“bio-electric signals [BES]”. HAL can read BES only by attaching the originally developed

detectors on the surface of the weaver‘s skin. By consolidating various information, HAL

recognizes what sort of motions the patient intends.

Perceiving Signals

A human’s speed of thinking, controlling the muscle, and moving the joints are

extremely rapid. HAL, as well as man, can process various information instantly. When the body starts moving, HAL moves too. Therefore, HAL can assist the wearer’s movements.


The mechanism to move the human body does not end up with only moving muscles. The brain confirms how the body would have moved and on what sort of signal. When HAL has

appropriately assisted the motions of walking, the “I could walk!” feeling is fed back to the brain.

This is how the brain can learn the way to emit necessary signals for “walking”

gradually. This leads to “the important first step” in walking the physically challenged

individual without being assisted by HAL. HAL is the only robot that can provide appropriate

solutions for the motions of the brain.

Cyberdyne technology Recovery

Cyberdyne-treatment – A-Robot-Assisted-Therapy-rehabmodalities

A very crucial part of robotic technology research is involved with lower extremity rehabilitation. People with lower extremity disorders leading to problems in gait are increasing rapidly in contemporary aging societies, but the availability of specialized rehabilitation personnel and equipment does not currently match these requirements 

Individuals around the world use Cyberdyne technology to regain their mobility and restore their independence. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy eventually work toward a patient’s strength and endurance!

The HAL Robo Suits make a positive difference in the life of a patient affected by stroke, and

paralysis, affecting the spinal cord, joints, and the central nervous system.


Diana Hong who had a stroke in the year 2019 has caused her to have difficulty living her daily life. She experienced extreme weaknesses in her left arm which has affected her to live a normal life. After she has undergone the Cyberdyne treatment, which helped her to make significant gains, she has become more independent in her daily life.

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October 5, 2022

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