Effective Neurorehabilitation using Cyberdyne with HAL

The Wearable Cyborg – HAL is designed for treatment to improve patients’ physical functions.

Cybernics Treatment uses HAL to restore the functions of the wearer. The treatment targets spinal cord injury, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, etc.

Effects of Cyberdyne Treatment with HAL

Effective Neurorehabilitation-using-Cyberdyne-with HAL-rehabmodalities

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL, Cyberdyne, Japan) facilitates voluntary, user-driven ambulation through a neurologically-controlled system based on bioelectrical signals derived from the user. This allows for the repeated execution of physiologically faithful gait patterns, needed for recovery in cases of neurologic motor deficit.


  • Establishes a healthy loop of signals

This product is designed to establish a pathway for signals that reach the muscles to cause a meaningful response through movement. This movement can be felt by the wearer and their brain, closing a loop of signals that is important in inducing neuroplasticity, necessary for healthy motor function. Various product adjustments are also available to medical professionals to help the wearer achieve their intended movements more easily or work on correcting abnormal signals through catered therapeutic exercises that go beyond walking.

  • Is made to fit right

Elements of this product such as leg lengths, hip widths, and foot sizes can precisely be adjusted to fit all individuals, enabling comfortable and effective treatment.

  • Is controlled by Wearer’s Intent

Like all other HAL systems, this product can be controlled by the wearer’s intent to move. The product’s non-invasive sensors can detect faint “bio-electrical signals” that reflect the wearer’s intention on the surface of their skin. Importantly, even for patients who have difficulty moving, this unique system allows them to perform their desired movements with their voluntary commands.

  • Supports the ‘journey to independence

The product provides both the wearer and their healthcare provider with unique insight into the signal patterns generated by the wearer and essential information such as the center of balance and phases of the gait cycle. This information helps shape the treatment course that aims to maximize neuroplasticity and ultimately gain more independence.

  • Rehabilitation/Recovery

The key to promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system via the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but more so on the return of feedback from the sensation of actual movement to the human brain. 

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Neurorehabilitation-using-Cyberdyne-with HAL-rehabmodalities

HAL training is both feasible and effective in the Neurorehabilitation of patients suffering neurologic motor deficits secondary to trauma and neurodegenerative processes after they have undergone normal rehab. Cyberdyne treatment eventually

Patient Testimonial

In 2013, Rody was caught in a car accident, resulting in spinal cord injury levels C6 and C7. This injury caused him to have difficulty in standing and walking. However, things changed when he was admitted to Pusat Rehabilitasi PERKESO in the year 2019 and started to receive Cyberdyne Lower Limb treatment. After 6 months of Cyberdyne treatment, now he can stand and walk again using the walker. What’s more exciting is that Rody is now back to work!

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October 5, 2022

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