Cyberdyne HAL’s Principle of Motion Helps Treat Disability

The Wearable Cyborg HAL® is designed for treatment to improve patients’ physical functions, especially for those with disability. Cyberdyne Treatment uses HAL to revitalise the function of the wearer. The treatment targets lower limb-related disabilities.

For people who have difficulty standing, sitting, walking, or moving their arms on their own due to a decline in physical function from brain injuries, wearing ‘The Hybrid Assistive Limb [HAL] activates the neural loop of the brain-nerve systems, thereby inducing improvement in the brain-nerve-musculoskeletal systems.

Principle of HAL – To improve the disability

Cyberdyne-HAL’s -Principle-of-Motion -Helps-Treat-Disability-rehabmodalities

Think, Send, Read, Move — HAL® is the World’s first neurologically controlled Wearable Cyborg™ which puts your intentions into action. 

HAL® improves locomotor activity in patients with a stroke, spinal cord injury, and other neuromuscular diseases.

By using Cyberdyne HAL®, which utilises the bio-electrical signal that reflects the wearers’ intended motion, interactive biofeedback is promoted in and outside of the body between Cyberdyne HAL, brain, nervous system, and muscular system. Cyberdyne Treatment is based on this interactive bio-feedback theory. The effect of this treatment method to promote functions of the lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk is reported through clinical applications. Cyberdyne HAL’s Wearable Cyborg™ 

  • Is made to fit all individuals
  • Is used in the treatment of broad types of diseases
  • Is controlled by the wearer’s intent
  • Is a very powerful friend that supports the road to independence
  • Establishes a healthy loop of signals

Rehab for Disability

Cyberdyne-HAL’s -Principle-of-Motion -Helps-Treat-Disability-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne HAL® Lower Limb, a neurological device helps patients regain the natural movement of their paralysed legs based on their intention. It is to improve locomotor activity in several types of neuromuscular disease patients even in their chronic stage.

Neuro HALFIT is a new program in which one can expect changes in their feelings by experiencing changes in physical functions.

Even for people who no longer feel improvement in traditional rehab, with Cyberdyne’s Neuro HALFIT, they can expect further progress. Through this program, we support your goal to “take a step further” and “improve and enjoy every moment of life”

Our Patient – Attillas Story

Shortly after my accident and emergency surgery, I was shocked. I regretted that I did not do many things, such as travelling or going to dance with my wife if there was an opportunity. The doctor’s prognosis said that with good training I might be able to stand up again. After a few days with full effort to recover control of my knee and ankle, I was motivated and qualified to do the Cyberdyne Therapy. My goals were set high but the therapist kept them in mind and I got the hardest training of my life. It was easy for me to reach my physical limits during training, and used the regenerations periods to regain control of my body step by step. We are sure that the HAL treatment was one main point why I can do sports and go to work again nowadays. I can highly recommend HAL® Therapy to anyone that is in the same situation as me.

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March 24, 2023

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