Cyberdyne Treatment in Neurodegenerative Diseases with HAL

The purpose of HAL is to create an ideal future by researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative Cybernetics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Cyberdyne treatment provides advanced neuro-robotic rehabilitation technologies for the well-being of patients around the globe.

Cyberdyne Treatment in Neurodegenerative Disease –The HAL® Way

The treatment uses HAL to improve the function of the wearer. It targets neurodegenerative diseases. The effect of this treatment method to promote the functions of the limbs is being reported through clinical applications.

Cybernetics with Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cyberdyne-Treatment in-Neurodegenerative Diseases-with-HAL-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne treatment in India can benefit patients from all over the world. Patients who otherwise found it difficult to get treatment, are now in the right hands, and that too at such affordable prices. India offers almost 50% less cost than other countries. 

The Hybrid Assistive Limb…

  • Generates Command

The brain generates and transmits signals to muscles necessary for the motions through nerves. Command signals are generated 

  • Sends Signals

Muscles contact to generate power when it receives the right command signal sent from the brain through the nerves.

  • Reads signals

Signals sent to muscles by the brain leak on the skin surface as faint signals, called bio-electric signals.

  • Moves as the wearer intends

HAL controls the power units at every joint based on the bio-electrical signals and lets the wearer perform the desired movements with their voluntary commands. The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL– moves as the wearer intends.

  • Assesses Movement 

When HAL has properly assisted the intended movement, the feeling is fed back to the brain. Active use of the neural pathways for voluntary movement with physical feedback to the brain leads to an important ability for the wearer to walk on their own.

Cyberdyne HAL Mechanism for Neuro Diseases

Cyberdyne-Treatment in-Neurodegenerative Diseases-with-HAL-rehabmodalities

The mechanism to move the human body does not end up with only moving muscles. The brain confirms how the body would have moved and on what sort of signal. When the Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® has appropriately assisted the motions of walking, the “I could walk!” feeling is fed back to the brain. 

This is how the brain can learn the way to emit necessary signals for “walking” gradually. This leads to “the important first step” in walking the physically challenged individual without being assisted by HAL.


HAL® is considered the system that accelerates motor learning of the brain which eventually leads to the neuroplasticity of the brain functions. 

The Hybrid Assistive Limb is the only robot type that can provide appropriate solutions for the motions of the brain. A very crucial part of robotic technology research is involved with neurodegenerative rehabilitation. An important part of robotic technology research in Cyberdyne treatment is involved with lower extremity rehabilitation. 

The importance of promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system via the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but more so on the return of feedback from the sensation of actual movement to the human brain. 

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February 24, 2023

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