Cybernetics Treatment to Patients with Spinal Cord Dysfunction

Cyberdyne Treatment uses HAL® to improve the function of the wearer. The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) is the world ‘s first technology that supports and regenerates the wearer’s physical functions according to the wearer’s intentions.

Wearable Cyborg™ HAL’s Motion Principle- 

HAL controls the power unit according to the movements it recognises to assist the wearer in moving according to his or her intentions or even exerting more force than usual. HAL® has two types of control systems that can be used together according to the conditions of the wearer…

  • HAL® helps individuals across the world regain their ability to walk through the non-invasive BES-sensing technology solution
  • The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® Lower Limb is used to improve mobility for patients with spinal injuries and post-accident and post-surgery recovery
  • The BES-sensing technology is used for mobile wellness, which means the ability to move about without outside assistance.
  • The cyborg enhances overall well-being to maintain a high quality of life and independence

Robot assisted therapy in Spinal Cord Dysfunction

Cybernetics-Treatment to-Patients-with Spinal-Cord-Dysfunction-rehabmodalities

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® promotes functional recovery post-stroke. Cyberdyne treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals from the human brain to the musculoskeletal system via the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, but more so on the return of feedback from the sensation of actual movement to the human brain.

Robot-assisted therapy in spinal cord rehabilitation – can deliver high-dosage and high-intensity training, making it useful for patients with motor disorders caused by spinal cord injuries.

Rehabilitation by Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne’s – Hybrid Assistive Limb, HAL® improves the locomotor activity in patients with spinal cord injuries. This neuro-rehab device helps the patients move their paralysed legs based on their intention and the device does not dictate its movements on its own. 

Cybernetics-Treatment to-Patients-with Spinal-Cord-Dysfunction-rehabmodalities

Using the feedback system inherent in your body, your voluntary movements assisted by Wearable Cyborg™ HAL will lead to improvements in your gait patterns and walking function even in the chronic stages of injuries.

Positive effects have also been observed in neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel function, mental health, and the cardiovascular system.

Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy are used for treating spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and gait disorders in general. Exoskeletons increase capabilities; assist locomotion and rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord dysfunction.

At Cyberdyne, we provide advanced neuro-robotic rehabilitation technologies for the well-being of patients around the world. Our mission is simple – we empower individuals to walk on their own using HAL®, our non-invasive technology solution

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February 24, 2023

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