HAL Helps Mobility for Patients with Physical Disabilities

Cyberdyne is a new technology under the treatment that uses Robotics to operate. The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL is the only robotic suit that can provide appropriate solutions for the motions of the brain. The technology that has been developed is based on the new concept of IoT technology (Internet of human and things). 

HAL® can read the signal and control the power unit to assist joint movement in unison with the person. Cyberdyne HAL® utilises the bio-electrical signal (BES) that reflects the wearers’ intended motion, interactive biofeedback is promoted in and outside the body between HAL, brain, nervous system, and muscular system. 

The Wearable Cyborg- HAL controls the power unit according to the movements it recognizes to assist the wearer in moving according to his or her intentions or even exerting more force than usual. 

HAL treatment for Disabilities

HAL-Helps-Mobility for-Patient-with Physical-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

With the help of HAL, you can be on your feet with great physical strength and endurance. HAL® can improve the user’s physical mobility, monitoring the user’s center of gravity to infer intended body movements. Sensors that have been attached to the skin pick up bio-potential signals generated in the brain immediately after the user attempts muscle movement, and operates motors.

Cyberdyne Treatment uses the Robotic Suit – HAL® to improve/regenerate the function of the wearer. The treatment targets spinal cord injuries leading to physical disabilities, neuromuscular diseases, etc.

The process includes-

  • Thinking —The brain first generates command signals. When there is movement in the body, the brain anticipates and transmits necessary signals through the nerves to the muscles.
  • Receiving –The muscles then receive the command signals. Each muscle contracts to generate power when it receives the appropriate command signal sent from the brain through the nerves.
  • Reading– sent to the muscle by the brain trickling onto the skin surface as faint bio-electric signals.
  • Movement -HAL moves as the wearer intends to move. HAL controls the power units at each point based on the bio-electrical signals and lets the wearer perform desired movements with their voluntary commands.
  • Feedback- information is sent back to the brain when HAL has almost done assisting the intended movement.

Rehabilitation for Physical Disabilities

HAL-Helps-Mobility for-Patient-with Physical-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne treatment delivers revolutionary therapies and enhances the quality of life for all people in need. The purpose of rehabilitation robots in physical therapy – is to create an ideal future by developing and manufacturing innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Patient Testimonial

Our patient Sarah’s testimonial-  I initially thought it’s is going to be good and I will be able to walk but it was not that simple!  At first, the robot was having to do all the work for me. Every time I got in the robot I was able to do a little more until I was able to just do it on my own. I was able to walk with a walker down the aisle!

Connect with us for more on the journey of Cyberdyne Treatment at https://rehabmodalities.com/  

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February 24, 2023

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