HAL Improves Locomotion in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Cyberdyne’s Locomotor training performed using a neurologically controlled cyborg HAL® enables the neural activity and repetitive exercises of specific tasks. HAL® therapy promotes learning and leads to the restructuring of the appropriate proprioceptive feedback loop.

Application of The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL®

  • Cyberdyne HAL is the world‘s first cyborg-type robot that can improve, enhance and support the wearer’s bodily functions and physical capability.
  • The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL [The Hybrid Assistive Limb] improves functional locomotion in patients with any type of disability.
  • The Hybrid assistive limb is designed to create a pathway for signals that reach the muscles to cause a meaningful response through movement.

When a person moves, signals from the brain to the muscles trickle onto the skin’s surface as very faint bio-electrical signals. HAL can detect these signals and consolidate various information to complete the motion of patients. As a result, a neurological loop of afferent and efferent neurons is established between the brain and muscle through Cyberdyne HAL

Cyberdyne treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

HAL-Improves- Locomotion-in- Patients-with-Spinal Cord-Injury-rehabmodalities

  • Functional improvement and increase in mobility
  • Reduced need for assistive devices
  • Increased walking speed and distance
  • Development of musculature

It makes more sense to utilise neural information sensed by HAL® to treat neurological problems. This neuro-rehab device helps the wearer move limbs based on the signals sent from the brain to the muscle detected through the skin surface, to improve ambulatory function in patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, and several other neuromuscular diseases.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb…

  • Senses neural information to treat neurological conditions due to spinal cord injury.
  • Shows active participation in patient-driven robotic rehabilitation
  • After therapy, empowers patients to walk without HAL®

A great Relief from Spinal Cord injury

HAL-Improves- Locomotion-in- Patients-with-Spinal Cord-Injury-rehabmodalities

The importance of promoting functional improvement through Cyberdyne Treatment is not just transmitting voluntary command signals. Rehabilitation robots in physical therapy ensure that exercises are performed correctly.

Cyberdyne’s – Hybrid Assistive Limb, improves the locomotor activity in patients with disabilities. This neuro-rehab device helps the patients move their paralysed legs based on their intention and the device does not dictate its movements on its own.

Cyberdyne treatment assists patients with paralysis or weakness of the limbs as a result of neurodegenerative disease. This allows for the repeated execution of physiologically faithful gait patterns, needed for recovery in cases of neurologic motor deficit.

But the time it takes for effects to show may vary among patients. Most patients begin to see improvements after a handful of sessions while continuously showing benefits over the course of a few months.

Making use of the feedback system inherent in your body, your voluntary movements assisted by Wearable Cyborg™ HAL® will lead to improvements in your gait patterns and walking function even in the chronic stages of the disease. Furthermore, positive effects have been observed in neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel function, spasticity, mental health, and the cardiovascular system.

Cyberdyne treatment with HAL® – Helps individuals relearn how to carry out those movements by themselves. Our technology empowers individuals affected by spinal cord injury, to walk on their own.

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March 24, 2023

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