Recovery a Healthy Life with Wearable Cyberdyne HAL

HAL, known as Hybrid Assistive Limb, is the world’s pioneering wearable cyborg. It is a robotic cyborg that can enhance, improve, and support the wearer’s physical abilities and bodily functions.

When utilized, HAL combines “man,” “machine,” and “information” into a fusion. It aids individuals with paralysis or limb weakness caused by spinal cord or brain injuries, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or neurodegenerative diseases, enabling them to move and exert greater motor energy than usual. In addition, HAL is acknowledged as a system that accelerates the brain’s motor learning, ultimately promoting the brain’s neuroplasticity and functions.

Treatment with Wearable Cyborg

Healthy-Life-with Wearable-Cyberdyne Technology - HAL-rehabmodalities

The clinical use of this therapy to enhance lower limb, upper limb, and body trunk functions has been documented. Cyberdyne therapy in India has been beneficial for patients from around the globe. Individuals who previously struggled to access treatment are now receiving affordable care in India. The cost of treatment in India is nearly 50% lower than in other countries.

Treatment with the Wearable Cyborg™

  • HAL Generate Command

The brain produces and sends signals to muscles required for movement via nerves. Signals for action are created.

  • HAL Send Signal

Muscles contract to produce force when they receive the appropriate signal from the brain via the nerves.

  • HAL reads signals

The brain sends signals to muscles, which can leak onto the skin as faint bio-electric signals.

  • HAL moves as the wearer intends

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL controls the power units at every joint by interpreting bio-electrical signals, allowing the wearer to execute intended movements with their voluntary commands. This enables the HAL-robot to move in sync with the wearer’s intentions.

  • Assessment

Once HAL has effectively supported the desired motion, the sensation is relayed to the brain. Engaging the neural pathways for voluntary movement and receiving physical feedback enables the wearer to develop the crucial ability to walk unassisted.

Rehabilitation by Cyberdyne treatment

Healthy-Life-with Wearable-Cyberdyne Technology - HAL-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne treatment offers advanced neuro-robotic rehabilitation technologies to enhance the well-being of patients worldwide. HAL® is recognized as a system that speeds up the brain’s motor learning, leading to the brain’s neuroplasticity. HAL aims to contribute to a better future through the research, development, and production of innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on enhancing healthcare, welfare, and everyday life.

Rehabilitation robots assist in the movement of the lower limbs during physical therapy. HAL Robot Suits have a positive impact on the lives of patients dealing with stroke and paralysis. It is the world’s first wearable cyborg or Robot suit.

The advancement of exoskeleton robotic technology creates opportunities for physiotherapists and rehabilitation. Robotic technology has a wide range of potential applications in rehabilitation, and there is a high demand for professionals in this field.

Cyberdyne’s research in robotic technology plays a crucial role in lower extremity rehabilitation.

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June 17, 2023

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