Rediscover the Joy of Walking with Cybernetics HAL

Cyberdyne” is the world’s first Wearable Cyborg™ or robot suit.

Cyberdyne treatment in India is one such cherry on the cake that the country’s medical industry has. With the Japanese sponsors taking a great interest in the business of HAL, India has become the prime destination for all the investments mentioned. 

Uses of HAL

Rediscover the Joy of Walking-with-Cybernetics-HAL-rehabmodalities

When a person’s body moves, a signal is transmitted from the brain to the muscles through the nerves according to the intention of movement. At that time, a weak bioelectric potential signal leaks to the body’s surface. HAL detects the wearer’s bioelectric potential signal with a sensor attached to the skin and realizes the action according to the intention,” said Prof. Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO, Cyberdyne.

Here is a well-defined idea about the related aspects of the treatment:

HAL Therapy

Cyberdyne – HAL lets the user control it with his/her mind. The artificial limb would use a setting similar to an electroencephalogram to connect the message from the patient’s brain to the nerves under the skin and interpret those messages as its orders. This process, over time, revives the nerves responsible for voluntary gestures. Eventually, the nerves are strong enough for the patients to be able to walk again on their own.

HAL follows a specific treatment

The brain first generates command signals. Next, the muscles receive the command signals generated by the brain.

HAL now reads the signals. Signals sent to muscles by the brain leak on the skin surface as very faint signals, so-called “bio-electric signals [BES]”. HAL can read BES by only attaching the originally developed detectors on the surface of the wearer ‘s skin. By consolidating various information, HAL recognizes what sorts of motions the wearer intends.

HAL controls the power unit according to the movements it recognizes to assist the wearer in moving according to his or her intentions or exerting more force than usual.

HAL has two types of control systems that can be used together according to the conditions of the wearer. The “Cybernetics Voluntary Control System” uses BES to perform the wearer ‘s desired movements. The other is the “Cybernetics Autonomous Control System” to realize human-like movements even if the BES cannot be detected. These two control methods are the reason why HAL is such advanced technology.

Rediscover the Joy of Walking-with-Cybernetics-HAL-rehabmodalities

Finally, when the movement is complete, the brain checks how the body moved according to the signals sent. When HAL realizes the wearer ‘s intended motion, the body feeds back information about the successful movement. This allows the brain to gradually learn how to send out the signals necessary for good movements. Repeating this process could help a person with a disability improve their physical function after taking off HAL.


Rehabilitation centers trust this sensing technology to achieve rehabilitation developments each day. You can use “Cyberdyne Technology” to achieve the impossible! With the help of HAL, you can be on your feet with great physical strength and endurance. 

Discover real stories from real people about how Cyberdyne technology changed their lives forever. 

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April 3, 2023

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