Rehabilitation using Cyberdyne Robotics with HAL

Healthcare has made significant advancements due to numerous technological breakthroughs. Cyberdyne is a leading innovator in the field of “Cybernics,” which involves the integration of humans, machines, and information.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) developed by Japan’s Tsukuba University and the robotics company Cyberdyne is a powered exoskeleton suit.

Application of – HAL

The wearable robot suit known as HAL aids in the voluntary control of knee and hip joint motion. It operates by detecting the bioelectric signals produced by the patient’s muscle activities as well as force-pressure signals resulting from the patient’s weight shifts.

HAL adjusts the power unit based on the recognized movements to support the wearer in executing movements according to their intentions or even applying more force than usual.

Cyberdyne HAL Techniques

Treatment with Cyberdyne-Care Robotics-using-HAL-rehabmodalities


When we initiate physical movement, we start by mentally considering the action. The brain transmits the required signals through the nerves to the relevant muscles by mentally saying, “I intend to move.”


In a healthy individual’s body, the brain sends signals to each muscle, enabling the muscles to exert just the right amount of force to align with the intention.


The signals that travel to the muscles leak onto the skin’s surface as extremely faint signals known as “bio-electric signals (BES).” HAL utilizes its electrodes, which are affixed to the wearer’s skin surface, to read the BES. Taking into account various other gathered information, HAL deduces the wearer’s intended movements.


The muscles’ signals that travel to the skin’s surface manifest as very faint bio-electric signals (BES). HAL uses electrodes attached to the wearer’s skin to detect and interpret the BES. By considering additional gathered data, HAL infers the wearer’s planned movements.


After the movement is finished, the brain assesses the body’s response to the signals it sent. When HAL detects that the wearer’s desired motion has been achieved, the body provides information confirming the successful movement. This enables the brain to learn how to send out the appropriate signals for effective movements. Repeating this procedure could aid individuals with disabilities in enhancing their physical capabilities.

Physical therapy rehabilitation

Cyberdyne-Care Robotics-using-HAL-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne treatment provides revolutionary therapies and enhances the health of people in need of support. The aim of physical therapy rehabilitation robots is to create a brighter tomorrow by developing and improving innovative Cybernics systems, with a particular focus on improving healthcare, social services, and daily life.


I’m feeling more agile than ever, all thanks to Cyberdyne! Today marks my last day of walking with Cyberdyne HAL at Brooks Rehabilitation. Since I first began, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my clinical condition. I appreciate the boost in confidence to stand and walk, as well as the improved physical strength and endurance. This whole experience has deeply impacted me, and I feel fortunate. It’s motivating me to keep striving for a better quality of life!

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July 8, 2023

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