The “Wearable Cyborg™ HAL Treats Lower Limb Disabilities

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) is a robot that can supplement or improve the user’s physical capabilities, particularly for people who have physical mobility difficulties. By monitoring the user’s center of gravity and direction of movement, HAL improves the user’s physical mobility. 

Benefits of HAL Lower Limb Type

The-“Wearable-Cyborg™-HAL-Treats- Lower-Limb-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

  • HALLower Limb Type as a robotic medical device

For people who have disabilities in the lower limb and people whose legs are weakening due to disorders of the cerebral and nervous muscular system, Cyberdyne Treatment is the answer.

The device fits over a person’s waist and legs and is used in combination with a Body Weight Support System. While working with a trained medical professional (physician, physical therapist), HAL is programmed to detect faint bio-electric signals on the surface of the skin.

The Wearable Cyborg™ HAL’s Lower Limb Model is designed to improve the patient’s ambulatory function outside of the robot, upon completion of the HAL gait training intervention.

When a patient tries to move their body, a nerve signal is sent from the brain toward the muscles via the spinal cord and motor neurons. Due to spinal cord injury, these signals are often too weak to elicit the proper movement of the musculoskeletal system.

These bio-electrical signals are used to drive power units located at the hip and knee joints, allowing the patient to realize the intended movement voluntarily.

  • Flexible Robot Suit to Fit Various Body Sizes

HAL Lower Limb Type is full of adjustable elements that allow the device to fit the patient’s body size and shape (leg lengths, hip widths, and foot sizes in wide ranges). With its seamless adjustment mechanism, HAL can embrace the wearer’s body.

  • Detachable Controller

With the freely detachable controller of HAL, the operator can manipulate all the operations, such as start/stop of assistance, alteration of settings, and confirmation of motion statuses, closely watching the movement of the wearer. Tailor-made assistance for individual wearers makes training with Cyberdyne HAL for Lower Limb Type more effective.


The-“Wearable-Cyborg™-HAL-Treats- Lower-Limb-Disabilities-rehabmodalities

Cyberdyne treatment delivers revolutionary therapies and enhances the quality of life for everyone in need. The purpose of rehabilitation robots in physical therapy is to create an ideal future by developing, and manufacturing innovative Cybernics systems, with a focus on improving medicine, welfare, and daily life.

Cyberdyne treatment in India is helping various patients from all over the world.

This is our patient – Puschel’s Story-

“I need to be able to walk in my daughter’s wedding. The first time I got on it, I thought “This is going to be great” I am going to be able to walk, but No! It was very difficult but super awesome. Initially, the robot was having to do all the work for me. Every time I got in the robot I was able to do a little more until I was able to just do it on my own. When it came time to walk at my daughter’s wedding, I was able to walk with a walker down the aisle.”

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December 12, 2022

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